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food Chain Bio 20 Ms thompson

No description

kassem elrafih

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of food Chain Bio 20 Ms thompson

Prairie Rattlesnake Kassem El-Rafih
Said Mohamad The main problems faced by the prairie rattlesnake are loss of suitable habitat and direct mortality
associated with human activities (increased grazing, road construction, oil and gas activity) and intentional
persecution (killing of snakes and vandalism/destruction of hibernacula). Changes in attitudes have
reduced but not eliminated the latter problem. The prey of the prairie rattlesnake is small mammals, birds,
amphibians (frogs, toads, salamanders) and other reptiles. Because its prey includes rodents, rattlers can
be highly beneficial to farmers and ranchers. List and describe what factors are causing your species to be endangered Hawk Quatenary consumer 5th trophic
snake tertiary consumer 4th trophic
worms decomposer gophers Primary consumer 2nd
bison primary consumer 2nd
rabbit primary consumer 2nd
grass producer 1st
frog primary 2nd
mice primary 2nd Analysis 1.The main factors that are threatening the existence of the prairie ecosystem are loss of habitat due to human development and natural disasters. Factors that are threatening the existence of the species are over hunting and loss of habitat. 2. The extinction of my species would affect the feeding relationships because the rattlesnake is a predator and controls the mice population and is food for the hawk. So without the rattlesnake there would be a boom in the mice population and the hawk species would have slight decrease. The energy transfer in the food web would show a increase because the Rattlesnake is an main energy consumer so every species in the web would get more energy in the end. 3.A plan to preserve the rattlesnake population would increase the fines for poaching and serious jail time. This would show poachers the reward is not worth the risk. An approach to help save the prairie from human development is to make the prairie’s federal animal reserves.
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