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Lesson 07.04 Muscular, Skeletal and Integumentary

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Taylor Sanderbeck

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Lesson 07.04 Muscular, Skeletal and Integumentary

Lesson 07.04 Muscular, Skeletal and Integumentary
While you're playing basketball many things are affected such as your heart rate, it becomes higher and your breathing becomes more intense and faster.
One thing that is important when you play basketball is you have to be in good shape or else you could strain your muscles.
For this project I chose Basketball.
Sometimes basketball players tend to have problems with their joints. Basketball playes have to bend their knees a lot during game and this puts pressure on both knees. Their knees is one main spot they have problems in.
To maintain a good shaped body basketball players need to have a good diet and exercise daily so they can build up muscle and be a better player.
By: Taylor Sanderbeck
The End
Both the muscles and skeleton structure of a basketball player are strained when they first begin to play but as they play more and more your body eventually adjusts to the conditions from playing.
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