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STEM OPT Application Documents

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Transcript of STEM OPT Application Documents

First check that you have all the items on the STEM OPT checklist. The checklist can be found in the STEM OPT packet (www.emich.edu/oiss/forms.html).
Make sure your documents are in order on the checklist- this is helpful when you drop your packet off or send it via email!
Check that all the forms are complete!
Remove all staples- this is requested by USCIS as they scan OPT requests
We would like to help you have a successful OPT application
STEM OPT Application Documents
24-Month OPT Extension Request Form
Make sure the G-1145 is complete and typed.
The check should include your SEVIS ID number on the memo line. Make sure the date and amount are correct!
G-1145, Personal Check, Photos
Review I-983 to make sure it is accurate and complete.
Review instructions at https://www.ice.gov/sites/default/files/documents/Document/2016/i983Instructions.pdf
Completed I-983
Front and back of your EAD card(s) and I-20s requesting OPT.

EAD Card, E-Verify Employer Profile
Be sure the form is completely filled out.
Make sure the employment dates match the employment dates on your I-20s.
Accurately report unemployment days- weekends count as unemployment days!
Make sure:
the photos are the correct size, taken within 30 days, there are no shadows and the background is white.
you are not wearing eyeglasses
your name and SEVIS number are lightly written on the back.
Make sure the ink is dry before putting the photos on top of one another. You do not want ink on the front of your photo!
Check that the I-765 is accurate and typed
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