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The Veldt Analysis

No description

Mariel Sackman

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of The Veldt Analysis

By: Mariel Sackman The Veldt:
An Analysis About the Author:
Ray Bradbury
(August 22, 1920- June 5, 2012)
-Born in Waukegan, Illinois
-Focused on having a career in writing or acting, found his true calling was science fiction
-Submitted his short stories to magazines for many years until he was discovered by Christopher Isherwood (famous British writer living in the United States)
-Went on to write acclaimed science fiction novels (Fahrenheit 451, The Illustrated Man, etc.)
-Died in 2012 at the age of 91 after prolonged illness About 'The Veldt'
-Set in the future, where machines do everything for humans
-Focuses on the Hadley family, who have bought a huge nursery that creates a visual, olfactory, and auditory display of whatever children want
-Nursery keeps displaying a veldt, which is hot, dry, filled with death
-Husband hears screams coming from the nursery every night
-Husband decides to close the nursery and send family on vacation
-Children ask to go to nursery one last time; parents go in after them and are killed and eaten by lions in the veldt
-Children continue on with life, act like parents' death never happened Analysis Imagery Characterization Symbolism Irony Would You Like This Book?

Do you like science fiction?

Do you like getting freaked out?

Do you like mind-boggling endings?

If you said yes, 'The Veldt' is a good story for you! I happen to like all of those criteria (I like Ray Bradbury, too!), so I really loved reading 'The Veldt'.
The use of of imagery, symbolism, characterization, and irony all helped to enhance this wonderful story. Works Cited:
Bradbury, Ray. "The Veldt." American Short Stories. Ed. Julie A. Schumacher and Carol Francis. Logan: Perfection Learning Corporation, 2012. 397- 410. Print.
http://www.gssafaris.com/blog/tag/tanzania-hunting/ The End -personalities show through simple dialogue

-actions often reveal more than words

-images in veldt reflect children's thoughts -vivid descriptions make you feel like you are there

-description of new technology mixed with old

-use of simile and metaphor to enhance description -children's names (Wendy and Peter)

-screams of people every night

-veldt becoming real by end of story -looks can be deceiving

-identity of screaming people

-lions in the veldt being (or becoming) real, killing parents

Even though the reader receives multiple hints regarding the ending, they do not realize they have been given these hints until they read the story again.
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