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World War I - the beginning, middle, and end

By Benson

Benson Wang

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of World War I - the beginning, middle, and end

Created by Benson Wang Marching Toward War Rise of Rivalry
between nations nationalism imperialism militarism Nations competed fiercely for colonies in Africa and Asia. The quest for more land sometimes pushed Europe to the brink of war. policy of glorifying an army.
promoted patriotism. However
also made people scared. unifying force, creating competition
between countires. Tangled Alliances Germany. Kaiser Wilhelm II forces
Bismarck to resign Bismarck is satisfied Austraia-Hungary,
Germany, and
Italy forms the Triple Alliance and to take allies away from Russia, BUT! Kaiser Wilhelm failed
a treaty with Russia then and Russia and France and
Great Britain formed the Triple Entente So we have: Germany
Italy (Central Powers) vs. Russia
Great Britain (Allied Powers) Alright, so a war is just
itching to erupt ... who'll ignite the
pile of dry woods? Crisis in the Balkans the balkans were a
mountainous penninsula and nationalism ran
thick with these people each group hoped
to extend its borders During a visit of
Archduke Franz
Ferdinand to Bosnia He and his wife
were killed by ... Gavrilo Princip member of the
Black Hand Franz Ferdinand was
next in Austro-Hungarian
throne. Austria was in no
mood to negotiate and Declared WAR The Battlefront Now, we've understood
what caused this huge
World War: Alliances Serbia's ally, Russia decided to move
its troops up the border. Germany stood
up for Austria-Hungary and declared war
on Russia Then Germany declared war
on France And Great Britain declared
war on Germany And suddenly, the
entire Europe is engulfed
in a massive war Let's go to the
WW1 warzone. The Schlieffen Plan Germany has two fronts to fight on:
The eastern front (France) and the
western front (Russia) Devised by Alfred Graf von Schlieffen,
the schlieffen Plan is simple: ATTACK!!! attack the France, then
rush east to fight Russia. The plan sort of worked, until
September 5th During their invasion
of France's captital,
they've totally
under estimated France's
power, and lost.
Warfare and Weapons Trench Warfare: Poison gas Machine gun tank Submarine
aka Uboat artillery small gains,
large deaths,
rats, shortage blasts out trenches aviation And the war escalates ... ... into a global war. Soon, colonies of
european countries
fight. But where's uncle sam? a Global Conflict while the war is going on,
Austrailia and Japan clung
themselve to the allied side and the Ottoman Turks
and the Bulgarians went
to the Central powers the gallipoli campaign The gallipoli campaign was
a stratagy to defeat the turks
at Constantinople and provide
a supply line to Russia But they were murdered
at the strait Stalemate due to
Trench Warfare. How america treats the war There are major
events that eventually
led Wilson to join
the world war. America is pretty
ready for war, but
Wilson said bluntly, "No." Later however, A British ship carrying
American passengers,
the Lusitania was
blown to pieces by
the Germans
and the US intercepted
a telegram written by
Germany: the Zimmerman
note; it gave mexico
land if they helped attack
the US. 3 more american
ships were sank by
the germans. US steps into the war, and
Russia resigns ......... because there's a civil
war going on in the
country, Russia steps
oout of war. Czar
Nicholas stepped down
and communist leader
Vladimir Ilych Lenin
stepped into place. However ... the war is over: Kaiser Wilhelm steps down ...
Germany surrenders!!! now what? What's
gonna happen after
this horrible war?
lepanacea.wordpress.com a flawed peace we have four major
leaders that's going
to decide what's going
to happen after the war. Woodrow Wilson
Georges Clemenceau (France)
David Lloyd George (Great Britai)
Vittorio Orlando (Italy) Wilson's Plan was simple:
the Fourteen points.
The first four points called for
ending of secret treaties, and free
trade, seas, and reduce armies. it also
called for fairness and creating
new nations. The last of the 14th point
was the most important: the creation
of a league of nations However ... the 14 points were
guided by self-
determination, or the
allowing for people
to decide for themselves. At the Paris Peace Conference,
Clemenceau and David Lloyd
George didn't agree with Wilson. they wanted to
PUNISH Germany And thus the Treaty
of Versailles was created. the Treaty of Versailles the treaty of versailles adopted a league of nations and punished Germany serverely under article 231, Germany
took the sole blame of the war. Germany had to pay all
reparations which was
33bil in 3o years and it changed europe
dramatically. this is Europe before: after the war: Austria, Hungary became
independent nations so did Finland, Estonia,
Latvia, and Lithuania Ottomans lost almost all their
land except a tiny piece of turkey
Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia
were all independent nations
created after the war. germany was forbidden to
manufacture arms and trade
weapons this made germany very bitter
and revengeful. start of another world war? created by Benson please visit:
thanks for viewing.
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