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The 80s

No description

Kaila Sison

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of The 80s

Facts of the 80s
Men- either preppie or music influenced (parachute pants, acid wash pants, jean jackets, baggy jackets, etc.)
Women- outrageous outfits (neon clothing, wedges, legwarmers, etc.)
Children- bright colors, black concert tees, boys- earrings, girls-different styles of skirts, jogging pants with running shorts
Elders- shoulder pad additions and form-fitted jumpsuits
80s Fashion
Political, social, and economical influences that impacted development of 80s
Music era

Expected behavior of the people
A little rebelliousness because it became a popular trend
Commonly accepted morals and standards
violence is okay if it is for a good cause
re-inventing God's standard and Word as transitioning
wordly love and self gratification through music
only way to be successful is to be wealthy
Events happening locally/globally that influenced 80s
HIV break out; killed many
Ronald Reagan was president; reduced taxes
recession ended
inflation was controlled
new disease, AIDs, appeared
History of the 80s Theatre
Typical architecture of 80s: post-modern architecture
Influence of the architecture
Modernist movement, however, it contradicts most modernist ideas
Characteristics of architecture & interior design
combined traditional forms with modern ideas
familiar shapes and details used in unexpected ways
Look of household items
TV's - small & bulky with antennas
rotary phones
computers - not nearly as advanced and had several different pieces
Household items that were available
computers- more common
cell phones
rotary phones
cassette tapes
type writers
80s Architecture
The 80s
Kaila Sison, David Ward, Miguel Lopez, and Andrew Cruz
Period 4

Music of the 80s
R & B
glam rock techno
hard rock and metal
Change of Music in the 80s
disco got left behind
post-punk rose from punk
hip-hop grew in power
Influences heard in the music
glam rock
R & B
80s Music
80s Music
Influence of music on 80s
rockers- less egoistical
pop stars- more egoistical
Michael Jackson made 80s
rebelliousness of music affected the people
Madonna - began introducing women integrated popular music
Music preferences based on social class and gender
Rap and hip-hop - still contained in impoverished Bronx
Michael Jackson - seen anywhere with a TV set
Pink Floyd, N.W.A. and Public Enemy openly denounced authority and wealth
Famous people in the theatre trend
Harold Smith "Hal" Prince (director/prince) - experienced going to the theatre when he was little and in his teens; fell in love ever since
Chita Rivera (dancer/actress/singer) - her dance teacher, Doris Jones, told her, "Conchita , stay in your lane," which meant, "Don't worry about them; be yourself."
Jerry Herman (composer/lyricist) - taught himself to play piano; after watching "Annie Get Your Gun" he played about five of the songs from hearing it just once
History of the 80s Theatre
Characteristics of 80s:
rap was popularized
cold war ended
Ronald Reagan was president
In 1989,US people gave $115 billion to charity
Thriller Album
80's were great because:
great movies were released
a unique fashion style
John Lennon was assassinated
key words associated with 80s:
Ronald Reagan
Mount St. Helens
Iran-Iraq war
John Lennon
war on drugs
Economic style change
higher class- preppie style
middle class- mixture of styles (outrageous, preppie, punk, rock, and hip hop)
*shoulder pads were popular to women to help show empowerment and equality with men
Influence of fashion
pop, rock, and hip hop
want of flaunting wealth and materialistic values
Michael Jackson
long & voluminous
some women favored short and big
penny loafers
leather shoes
crayons shoes
buster browns
karate shoes
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