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InCarNation Sports V3.0

No description

Sudev Barar

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of InCarNation Sports V3.0

Who are we?
As the name InCarNation Sports suggests, we are all about engaging motoring public in various motoring events be it Races, Rallies, Stunts or about selecting and maintaining their Vehicles...
Deriving our energy from the greatest driver of all
- Krishna - in his role as Saarthi to Arjuna during the epic by which our great nation is known.
Saarthi(charioteer), has got great ancient meaning from Bhagwat Gita, a guider who leads and guides you to the success!!

Saarthi, being thoughtful, visionary and vibrant, reflects logical thinking and is a strong successful administrator that keeps moving ahead of time. Trust, commitment and devotion thy name is "Saarthi".
Sudev Barar is an experienced rally driver, with over 30 years of experience in the Indian motorsports scene.

When F1 GP came to India he was selected as the Chief Marshal to lead a team of 500+ marshals for the races. He has a vast experience in the organisation of rallies across India including the best knows like Desert Storm, Raid-De-Himalaya, Autocross, Rally of North, Maruti Suzuki Women Power Drive, to name a few.
"We have set our vision to create and promote activities across wide variety of young professionals with one common interest - motoring..."
Sudev Barar
Building the
Motorhead Republic...
A one day Single Stage Sprint combining the best of Racing and Rallying worlds...
A spectator friendly enclosed area event with multiple categories for the Hardened Veterans and the Newly Smitten! From Cars to Bikes!
The first of its kind, skill demonstration platform for Indian biking young!
Obstacle based Off Road Competition for all 4x4 enthusiasts - Putting their knowledge to the test.
-150 entries
- Automated Timings
- Concurrent with Renault Scala launch
Second Speed Sprint- Mar'13 Chandigarh
- 220 races run in a Single Day
- Partnered with "Choose to Cruz" Chevrolet
First Speed Sprint- Sept'12 Chandigarh
2nd June'13- Jaipur
- Held with real estate developer "Vatika City"
- 220 Races run for Modified Prepared + Non-Modified Cars, 90 Races run for Bikes
2500 plus Spectator turn-up
Covered by Times of India, DNA & Rajasthan Patrika
June'13- Jaipur First
A 2000+ odd eyeball catching extravaganza
A motorsports training program imparting know-how to budding enthusiasts on Races& Rallies through
Track Days and Collective Camps.
We have trained over 300 people on
Rally Navigation and Driving
Participants are given a chance to apply their learning's through Live Rallies or a
Time Control Session organized within the Camp
2012 INRC TSD Winners, Satish and Savera started their journey with Race Camp
Race Camp combines Intensive training sessions with Driver Briefings, Discussions, Driving Inputs & Result Analysis
We organize Race Camp multiple times a year to Cater to the rising interest in Motorsports in India amongst the youth
UNCAGED combines a plethora of Special track, Obstacle courses and Trailblazing events for Individuals and Teams
Four UNCAGED competition and many more trainings held till date with the latest one held in April' 2013
Speed Sprint in the News...


Online Coverage
Participants Talk


Fixed + Freestyle Stunting for the Daring to impress an Expert panel of Judges
All around arena for Spectators to get the best view in the house and see stunts up close.
Connect with us at go@incarnationsports.in
Designed to create awareness and competition,
Stunt Dome is a perfect platform to provide encouragement and direction to the very capable youngsters of India and show case their talent.
A beastly event that engages the iron willed in training, developing techniques and creating competitions.
An ideal starting place to help those passionate understand all concepts related to motorsports.
Incarnation Sports collaborates with local partners, to make the motorsports experience in India a reality.
For example:
Team Chandigarh Adventure Sports(TCAS)
With highly experienced veterans at the helm of affairs, TCAS conducts a variety of events such as OYA Autocross, SantaBanta Rally and Vintage Car Runs and SJOBA Rally
Gulpreet Singh Aulakh
Nikhil Jaspal
Thar Motorsports
Headed by a team of experienced rallyists, Thar Motorsports also conducts the Thar TSD Rally and Royal Rajasthan Rally, and various off-road events
Raj Singh Rathore
Hanumant Singh
We have associated with various partners in the
past to make our events come to life.
Our contribution to the Motorsports scene in India
It is all about engaging motoring enthusiasts from our republic,
for they live for and pay tribute to all things motoring and motorsports in particular.
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