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A different way to look good

No description

Carlos Ornelas

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of A different way to look good

Long Term Approach
• Radio Spots
• Youtube Spots
• Sponsor different artists, bands and athletes.
Suavecito´s strategies
• Our pomade is
which makes it really easy to remove, something not many other pomades have.

• The product’s price varies between
$12 – $15 US
dollars, while most of the other pomades vary from 20 to 25 dollars. Also the quantity that every recipient includes is around 4 oz which makes our product last at least for 2 weeks, while other pomade can last something around 1 week.

• We can create a
with barbershops

First Marketing Approach
• Online- Marketing is going to be the first approach we will be making to potential customers because it’s much less expensive than other marketing resources.
• Pay for Google- Ads and Facebook Ads.

A different way to look good
Suavecito Pomade prides itself in making amazing hair pomades that are water-soluble but hold like wax and a fine line of shaving and grooming products. A company devoted to the culture and its supporters. A company not devoted to itself. No ego. This is Suavecito Pomade.
Target Market
Young Mexican men from 17 to 30 years old, medium high class, with affection for skateboarding, racing cars and rock music. We want to take things a step further and dive into the custom car, motorcycle, tattoo, and barber culture as a way to reinvent the grooming product industry that has become stagnant in the previous decades.
Mid Term Marketing Approach
• Create concerts with great marketing using known rock and alternative music bands, the people will recognize the brand.
• Promote in car racings and create ways to win tickets by buying the pomade, that way the product will get known.
• Stands in music- Festivals (Corona Capital, Pa´l Norte),

Official International Slogan :
“Get it hombre”
Mexican Proposed Slogan:
“Suave, suave, suavecito”

Website Strategy:
SEO (Keywords Used): Able to be ranked
STILO Structure: friendly links
Simple Content
Scrollable Content: visually friendly
High Quality Media Content
Distributors Registration and Verification.

-Facebook (2 posts a day)
-Twitter (10 daily tweets)
-Pinterest (3 pins daily)
-LinkedIn ( 1 post a day)
-Blogger (2 post a week)
-Vine (2 vines a week)

Social Media Strategy
Website Strategy:

Social Media Strategy:
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