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Restaurant Tips

How much to tip at a restaurant

Helena Phillips

on 26 February 2011

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Transcript of Restaurant Tips

Restaurant Tips When going to a resteraunt, it is normally mandatory to tip the waitor or waitress for their service.Consequently, it's important to know how much to tip. Normally, people would give 15% of what they paid on the bill [not including tax], It should be a fair amount based on how good the sevice was, but, you shouldn't base how much to tip on the food quality, the decor of the restaurant, or how sparse the menu is, because this is not at all the waiter's fault. For example, if what you paid on the bill was $20.00, the tip would be 15%, an easy way to figure out how much to pay is to remember if you're going to pay 15%, then for every $10, you pay $1.50, so since the bill is $20 you add 1.50 and 1.50 to get $3.00 If you are feeling generous one day, you can always leave extra money, or if the waiter/waitress was rude, or if you received bad service, you can always give less, but at least give 10%. Another few pointers is to pay in cash, where the waiter/waitress can receive the money faster than with a credit card. You also shouldn't leave excessive change, such as multiple pennies, because this makes it much more complicated for the waiter, and they do not appreciate this very much. EXAMPLE:

Bill: $20.
Tip: 15%

$1.50 for every $10
$20. - 1.50+1.50 = $3.00 10% = $1 for every $10,
15% = $1.50 for every $10
20% = $2 for every $10.
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