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The Major Contributions and Achievements of the Gupta Empire

Learn about the major contributions and achievements or the Gupta Empire.

Will Livesay

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of The Major Contributions and Achievements of the Gupta Empire

The Major Contributions and Achievements of the Gupta Empire
Gupta Empire - 320-540 AD
This is a picture of the medicine of the Gupta Empire, or Ayurveda. They used the ingredients shown above. The Ayurveda is the oldest form of medicine known. It was said to have healed sicknesses from stomach complaints to arthritis. Today it is still used in India.
The Guptas were very skilled in mathematics. They created the number system we use now. They created decimals and the zero. They figured out the length of a year which led to calenders like the one above.
The Guptas were also very skilled in the technology of metallurgy or metalworking. They created great objects out of metal, including the iron pillar shown above. The pillar was built around 400 AD and still stands today in Delhi, India. Designs like these would not be used in Europe 19th century.
The Gupta Empire's main religion was Hinduism. During the time of the Gupta Empire, Hindus would go in a temple and worship a picture of a Hindu god like Brahma, the one in the picture shown above. They also tolerated the religions of Buddhism and Jainism.
The Gupta Empire had many great achievements and contributions. Some of those achievements and contributions are still used today. Those great achievements and contributions made the Gupta empire a great empire that thrived.
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