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Health and Safety - Unit 27


Ben Whittingham

on 14 September 2010

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Transcript of Health and Safety - Unit 27

Double click anywhere & add an idea Unit 27 - Health and Safety

Ben Whittingham Learning Outcomes
Understand how health and safety legislation and regulations affect a business working environment
Know the requirements for health, safe and productive working conditions
Understand the role and responsibilities of key personnel
Be able to assess and manage risk In pairs discuss
Why do you think we need health and safety protection in the workplace?
What might happen if there was no legislation to protect workers from harm? Choose a business you are familiar with and identify as many hazards in the workplace as you can. For each hazard suggest a measure that would protect employees from harm http://www.rsc-sw-scotland.ac.uk/project_pages/docfiles/health_safety/HAZARDS%20IN%20THE%20OFFICE1.pps
Estimated 1.6 million accidents per year costing British Industry around £700m How many workplace accidents do you think happened last year? Does this sound like alot? Statutory duties of employers and employees relating to health, safety and welfare In the past, health and safety in the workplace was much more the employers responsibility. Now the emphasis is on the employers and the emplyees working together in partnership to ensure safety Employer duties? Maintenance of safe plant and safe systems Arrangements for ensuring safe means of handling, use, storage and transport or articles and substances Information, instruction, training and supervision relating to helath and safety a safe place to work and provision and maintenance of safe access to the workplace. Employee duties? Take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others who may be affected by yheir acts of work Co-operate with the employer or any other person to enable the employer or the other person to perform or comply with any legal requirement Co-operate with the employer or any other person to enable the employer to perform or comply with any leagl requirement So who is reposnisble for health and safety in the workplace? Why is it important to be aware of the risks/hazards?
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