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A Decade to Remember: The 70's

No description

Jenna Clonts

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of A Decade to Remember: The 70's

This was an important United States Supreme Court case dealing with the busing of students to promote integration in public schools. After a first trial going to the Board of Education, the Court held that busing was an appropriate remedy for the problem of racial imbalance in schools.
Vietnam War
War lasted around 20 years
US pulls out of Vietnam in 1973 under Nixon's rule.
Resulted in North Vietnam staying communist
Griggs v. Duke Power Co. (1971)
The 70's
A Decade to Remember: The 70's
Watergate Scandal
The Watergate Scandal was an act of illegal activities by members of Nixon's administration. This led to Nixon's resignment to avoid impeachment.
Presidents in US in 70's
By Joel Ruiz, Vanessa Marquez, Savanna Brandon, and Jenna Clonts
70's Fashion
Movies and Televison
Oil prices were high because of a world wide energy shortage
Nations depended on the middle east for oil, during this time period the Arabs were fighting the Israelis
Since the US helped Israel the Arabs put an oil embargo which quadrupled the price of oil
3.5% unemployment 1970
$380.9 billion federal debt 1970
6.1% unemployment 1979
$829.5 billion federal debt 1979
Star Wars
One of the biggest movies of the decade was Steven Spielberg's breakthrough horror movie
. The movie was produced in 1975 and pulled in a huge crowd due to its unique suspense.
Economics continued
Star Wars was the always-memorable movie series that brought sci-fi back to life. Written and directed by George Lucas in 1977, it earned $460 million in the United States alone.
Sesame Street
Because of the gas prices the western economies were devastated
There was high demand but low supply
Inflation kept rising because no one wanted to take office as Federal Reserve Chairman
There was a high unemployment rate it went from 3.3% to 8% almost causing another depression
The preschool educational television program first aired in 1969 and reached it's 44th season in 2013. By the show's 10th anniversary in 1979 nine million American children under the age of 6 were watching Sesame Street daily. Several studies showed it to have a positive impact.
Dance and Music
Video of 70's Disco Hits
Video of 70's Dance
the average wages ranged from (1970)6,186.24 - 11,479.46 (1979)

Tuition/room in state university- $400-$1200 a year
Sirloin steak- $1.19 per pound
Potatoes- 99¢ for 10 lbs
Milk-62¢ per gallon
Sugar-39¢ for 5 lbs
Gas- 36¢ 1970 (before oil crisis) by 1979 the price was 86¢
Ketchup 19¢ cents
Coffee $1.90 per pound
Loaf of bread 25¢
Pot roast 59¢ per pound
Richard M. Nixon 1969-1973
Gerald Ford 1974-1977
James Carter 1977-1981
Resigned before he was impeached.
Became President after Nixon resigned.
Promoted Middle East Peace
This case concerned employment discrimination. The court ruled that the company’s employment were artificial and unnecessary. The court further ruled that these requirements had disparate impact on blacks. The court stated that the intent or the good motive did not matter because the Congress had made this statue to protect blacks from racially biased employment practices and the intent behind these practices did not matter.

This case that has proved essential in the fight to eradicate arbitrary and artificial barriers to equal employment opportunity for all individuals, regardless of their race.
Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education (1971)
The Supreme Court of the United States unanimously upheld busing programs that aimed to speed up the racial integration of public schools in the United States.
"Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 06 June 2014. Web. 09 June 2014.
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