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What if Stephen F. Austin had been granted contracts that allowed him to settle 500,000 families in Texas?

Final APUSH Project, May 2011

Anne Burgess

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of What if Stephen F. Austin had been granted contracts that allowed him to settle 500,000 families in Texas?

What if Stephen F. Austin had been granted contracts that allowed him to settle 500,000 families in Texas? What actually Happened? 1821- Stephen F. Austin moves to Texas where he is granted contracts
1822-Settles the first family in Anglo -American Texas
By 1831 Austin had settled around 1,000 families
About 41 other empresarios had settled a combined total of about 13,500 families
Around 15,000 Anglo-Americans in Texas Stephen F. Austin In 1833, Austin went to the Mexican Government to represent the people of Texas.
They wanted Texas and Coahila to be two separate states. He was thrown in jail in 1834, let out in 1835, and the war ensued shortly after The War Timeline: October 2, 1835- Battle of Gonzalez
October 9, 1835-Battle of Goliad-Texas wins
October 28, 1835-Battle of Concepcion -Texas wins
December 11, 1835-Seige of Bexar-Texas captures San Antonio
March 1, 1836-Convention of 1836 covenes to sign a new constitution and government
March 2, 1836-Texas Declaration of Independence Adopted
March 6,1836- Battle of the Alamo-Texas Lost
March 27, 1836-Goliad Massacre
April 21, 1836-Battle of San Jacinto-Texas Won--Ends the War The Battle of the Alamo The Alamo was a broken down mission in San Antonio, that Sam Houston had ordered to be emptied by David Bowie, who fell in love and decided to stay and defend the hopeless cause. He and William Travis had just over 150 men, and took on Santa Anna's 6,000 men. Although they held on for about three days, the ulitmately lost the battle. Results of the Battle of the Alamo Even though the Texans lost, the Alamo gave them the vigor to fight on, and the Alamo because a battle cry: "Remember the Alamo" and they were able to end the war only a month later, even with their limited troops at the Batte of San Jacinto. Annexation of Texas The Republic of Texas was annexed in 1845 by President James K. Polk. Even though they had gained their Independence ten years prior, the previous Presidents were not interested in annexing it, partially because of the slavery debates and partially because Texas was not yet a stable country. What WOULD Have Happened When the war broke out, the Texans would
have had many more men, and that would be
especially helpful to their cause at the Battle of the Alamo. They would have had around 100,000 men at the Alamo probably, out numbering the Mexican Army, and winning the Battle, immediately ending the war. Santa Anna would then have then been warned by
his commanding officer at the Alamo to try and go into hiding as soon as possible, which would probably drive him straight into the hands of the Texan Army, therefore ending the war and giving Texas their Independence. Since the leaders that had formerly perished at the Alamo survived, they have now become prime Presidential candidates after Texas officially recieves its Independence in 1836. James Bowie, Davy Crockett, Sam Houston, and Stephen F. Austin are all viable candidates. Texas would have become too strong of a nation for the Unites States to annex, leaving the Texans to fend for themselves. The Texans would then feel resentment for the US heading into the Civil War, which is why in 1863, they threw their troops and support behind the Confederacy. Other foreign nations, such as France and Britain, also threw their support behind the Confederacy after Texas. Consequently, the Confederacy won the war in 1865, and slavery continued for fifty more years. This loss not only prolonged slavery, but also held the United States back in industrialization as well as the Civil Rights Movements, and they leaders that led the movement in the 60s were no longer around, perhaps crippling the movements. Since the United States never annexed Texas,
there was no reason for Mexico to be angry, and consequently the Mexican-American War never occurred, and the United States remained on very good term with Mexico for over two hundred years. The Republic of Texas would not be annexed be any countries, leaving it to be a small independent nation. Although, it did gain Louisiana and Oklahoma after the Civil War for their great support from the South. Anyway, Texas would remain a small nation for over one hundred seventy five years. Map of North America
2010 That one tiny difference in numbers for the Texans versus the Mexicans is an important one that not only changes Texas History, but Unites States history as well, along with countries around the world, by winning the war earlier, Texas helped to keep the peace between Mexico and the UNited States.
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