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Zebra's and Lions( preditor VS prey )

Mr.Wilkinson 2nd hour

ninja porkupine

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of Zebra's and Lions( preditor VS prey )

in this situation the lion cubs are at high risk because of the male lion is around. the male lion will tend to kill the cubs and males can be realy agressive when it comes to food lions will also eat different animals like, buffalo,other lions,giraffe,rhinno's,elaphants and any other animals they can get there paws on unlike the lion the zebra is more likely to eat grass and weeds off of the ground, and will also eat dead leaves that have fallen of of a tree. it is easier to get away from a female lion because of the strength,that is why the male lion is normaly hunter of the pack female lion went in for the kill and came back with a meal. Lions and Zebras! Zebras the average life span of zebras are 25 years! lions are fast wich makes it easy for theme to get there pray like zebras, zebras are not as fast as lions Zebras the average life span of a zebra is 25 years. there weight is amazing they can get up to 440 pounds or 990 ponds! thye can get as much as 6 ft every zebra has a different pattern of strpes. they are related to the horse to get away from its predator it uses its powerfull kick and running also helps the male is called a stalion. a female is called a mare. and the yung is called a foal the sientific name for the zebra is actually Equus burchellii Lions lions live in prides also nown as a group. they are related to the cat they can weight up to 265 and 420 lbs there heigth is reltive to a 6ft man lions are the biggest cat species.
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