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No description

berta armengol

on 5 June 2012

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Transcript of EVA ISANTA

EVA ISANTA!!!! She has born the:
19 of july on 1971in Ceuta(spain)
so now she is 41 years old! When she was little she lived in madrid
with her parents She's married with Rafael
Roca and they have a chlid
called alejandro rojas. She went to a shcool
called: jesus nazareno
de getafe. When she was 15 years old she
started to do theatre, and she
won a price for acting in a "mini film" SHE IS AN ACTRESS One year later she
decided to study for
being an actor. So now she works on... She is a very
famous actor and
she has done a lot
of films and tv
programmes like... film: and programmes: and the most famous one... aqui no hay quien viva and.., La que se avecina! In the programme she is called:Maite Figueroa In the programme "la que se avecina" She is married with
Amador Ribas And she has four kids! Fernando Boza Carlota Boza Rodrigo THE END!!!!!! BY:Berta Armengol!
i hope you enjoyed!!
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