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yasoor khashman

on 3 May 2014

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Transcript of Woman

Women's Rights
Women's Revival
US founded the first step for the women's rights then the other countries followed there step by making other congress than talk about different topics but all are related to the women like:elimination of discrimination against women,women's rights and protection of women
Now the women is equal to the men.
The women can share the responsibility.
She can vote or nominate as the men.

What other things that women was deprived of?

Long ago, most of the role of women confined to the home and raising children, they are a princess in her home, trusted by her husband, gives her his money, who works and toil in order to get it, for the sake of the comfort of his home, and the provision of supplies for his life, did not have a role other than the interest in this small kingdom and its people , which consists of the children
The life of an old woman
The men start to be mean to women , also some was hurt her by words or hands, because of this the United States made the first congress that talks about women's rights it was in 1952 and it was successful.
The most important step in a women life
The women now
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