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Porter's Five Forces

A brief overview of Michael Porter's Five Forces Analysis for business strategy and industry competition.

Molly Oehmichen

on 20 March 2011

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Transcript of Porter's Five Forces

Porter's Five Forces Analysis Real life:
Getting ahead & staying there Real life:
Knowing when to get in and when to get out So what exactly are the Professor-speak:
"Industry analysis and business
strategy development" Internal
Rivalry Supplier
Power Buyer
Power Threat of
Substitutes Threat of
Entry Importance of industry as customer to supplier
Importance of supplier in final product
Switching costs between suppliers
Number & concentration of suppliers in comparison to market
Relationships between industry players and suppliers Market size and concentration
Differentiation between products
Switching costs for buyer to change products or service-providers
Brand relationship with buyer Structural Barriers

Strategic Barriers Availability of substitutes and complements
Price & value characteristics of substitutes
Price elasticity of substitutes
Innovations in products or services Technology
Demand Pricing variation
Economies of scale & experience
Brand loyalty Why should you care? Professor-speak:
"Used to determine the competitive intensity and therefore attractiveness of a market" Market share of competitors
Price competition
Marketing/ advertising battles
New product introductions
Customer service
Quality control & reliability
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