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Do different brands of popcorn leave different of unpopped kernals?

No description
by Josie Torres on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Do different brands of popcorn leave different of unpopped kernals?

Do different brands of
popcorn leave different amounts
of unpopped kernels? 1. Is it important to put each bag
of popcorn in the microwave for the same
amount of time? Why or why not? Yes because it can effect
the data and won't be accurate. 2. Is it important to use the same
microwave for each trial?
Why or why not? Yes because the microwaves can
be different watts. 3. Is it important to count the number of unpopped kernels
AND the number of popped kernels? Why or why not?
(Hint: consider percentage rather than number or
unpopped kernels to popped kernels.) Yes because the percentage
or number in each bag can be unaccurate
if not counted. 4. Why is it not ideal to have different types of popcorn AND different brands (for example, Orville Redenbacher’s Butter compared to Pop Secret plain popcorn)? Because the data will
be all the same and will
have no difference. 5. What is your hypothesis? If Pop Secret has the least amount of kernels left then, my hypothesis would be correct because, i guessed that Pop Secret would have the least amount of kernels. 6. What is the independent
variable in this experiment? The independent variable
is the time I will change one bag
of each brand. 7. What is the dependent variable in this experiment? The dependent variable is
the number of unpopped kernels left
in each popcorn bag. 8. What are the constants? The constant variable is number of bags I use for the project. 9. Is there a control group. If so, which group is it? There is no control group. 10. What materials will you use? 1) 3 different brands of popcorn
2) Microwave
3) 3 Bowls/Plates 11. What steps will you take to complete this experiment? Please number your steps and remember to be as specific as possible so that someone else could follow your directions and do the experiment EXACTLY as you did. 1. Pop all popcorn in one box
2. Record data
3. Repeat steps for trials 4. Pop all popcorn in second box
5. Record data.
6. Repeat steps for trials 6. Pop all popcorn in third box.
7. Record data.
8. Repeat steps for trials. Data Table is printed. Bar Graph is printed My conclusion is that Pop Secret had the least amount of kernels left. Act II had the most kernels left. And that Orville Redenbucher's came in between the two other brands. I beleive my data is accurate because I did the trials more than once and tested it out three times.
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