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Psychological Criticism and Hamlet

No description

Dorian Green

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Psychological Criticism and Hamlet

Psychological Criticism and Hamlet Lenses within Psychological

* Are the characters enacting the writer's deepest
wishes and fears?
* Did the culture and the times produce the psychological
dynamics in the work?
* What in our own psychological fascinations makes
us enjoy these stories? (What creates catharsis,
how does the work evoke sorrow, pity,
fear etc?) Psychological Criticism from Sigmund Freud *Everything a writer writes is connected to their unconscious.
*Literary works are much like dreams or confessions, and
reveal unconscious obsessions and deeper meanings of self.
*The reader is illuminated about the complexities of humans,
and evokes a better understanding of how we think and
feel about ourselves and towards others. Freud's View of Hamlet *Things that are taboo in society appear in literature because we can't speak about them
*Freud believes that young men naturally want attention from their mothers, and that fathers are a rival for that attention. This turns into desire for the mother and hatred towards the father.
* He thinks that Hamlet couldn't kill Claudius because Hamlet secretly wanted to kill his father and marry his mother; therefore Claudius did what he wishes he
could have. Therefore it would be like
punishing himself.
Dorian, Jin and Minji Benefits of Psychological Criticism *To explore the psychology of the writer
*To explore the psychologies of fictional
*To explore the psychology of culture/society
*Explore the psychology of the reader's
response Critiques * Freud's theories are "oversexed."
*Psychological criticism lacks interest in any of the artistic qualities of literature
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