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Summer Reading 2012-2013

Full Tilt Antonio Muratori, Winston Van, Samantha Elliott, and Turner Dauma

Turner Dauma

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Summer Reading 2012-2013

A La Carte: FULL TASTE ENTREES Carousel Meat Buffet Raging Ravioli Freshly Harpooned Baked Whale Steak This deal offers a huge variety of meats from college mascots. Pick and choose which meats you wish to grill for our professional chef, Sammy (the old bartender). Made with anger, this steaming dish will make you want to crash into
everyone around you, much like how Maggie, Russ, and Quinn had been while they rode the bumper cars. Personality Pizza This whale steak was harpooned just recently by Carl. It is naturally filled with savory fragrance that will have you addicted. Japanese Puffer Fish Dish Japanese pilots love this special! Eating this possible poisonous dish is just
as daring as dog-fighting with Cassandra. Warning: May cause death Egyptian Sun-Dried Quinn Liver This liver was taken fresh from King Tut and preserved for perfection.
Prepared by our famous Chef Achmed, who would not go easy on the salt. Squid-A-Whirl This live squid has many tentacles that wrap around you and make you feel nauseous. It might even shake loose some random things in your brain. Alfredo Pasta with Tea Leaves and Tea The Pasta is served hot and filled with green cilantro and tea leaves. A nice, warm tea provided for free and served in a yellow tea cup. A school bus yellow teacup. If you manage to finish this powerful main course, you get to take home your friends. Otherwise, an eternal nightmare of deathly accidents await. Could you be the only survivor? APPETIZERS Roasted Hanging Sloth Kabobs This sloth was found hanging from a dangerous roller coaster rail in a lame amusement park. It wouldn't come down for anybody, because this sloth goes places sometimes... Hospitalized Wings These wings are so high in cholesterol and so fatty that you'll have a heart attack and be sent to the hospital! On the bright side, kids in the hospital can get anything they want. SOUPS/SALADS Blake's Chowder Quinn's Quail Salad This is a nice, zesty chowder sprinkled with creativity, perseverance, and responsibility. Drinking this salted soup may also bring along the fear of dragging other people down or losing someone. Attitude and rebellion is heartily dressed over this tender quail salad. This dish is only for the daring diners. Vegetarian Healthy Choice CHEF'S FAVORITES Restaurant Health Inspector: Snow-flare Pepper Pot This dish is specially prepared so that an intense heat is encased within the center of the freezing soup. It lacks compassion on any level and may bring on a disaster where there are no survivors. Brussel Sprout Salad mixed with Sea Mussels Marinated in Maggi Liquid Seasoning It is easy to see how well the two foods pair together. However, this dish may reveal who is your true friend in a dire situation and who has a depraved heart. A true friend, however, will not run from you when you are in trouble. DESSERTS SOUP OF THE DAY BEVERAGES Gambling Guava Sorbet Forgiveness Fruit Cocktail Homecoming Hazelnut Pavlova Strawberry Sacrifice Smoothie Frozen Focused Chocolate Frappe KID'S MENU Hypnotizing Hamburger Self-Control Sandwich Simon Pulse Food Critics: You must finish 7 entrees before dawn to leave the restaurant. To free anyone else dining with you, you must also eat the final dish, Alfredo with Tea. Victims who fail to do so shall be sent straight to The Kitchen. Eating sweet, icy sorbet while you ponder what you would do if you were Blake may seem calming. But remember, if you don't take a chance accept Cassandra's challenge, your friends will be forced to work in The Kitchen. Yum! Escaping from a torturous and traumatizing experience has never felt better. After defeating Cassandra, it is time to celebrate with this crispy dessert. Friendships may be hard to maintain in the most embarrassing times. After Blake knew Russ was willing to save his hide by killing him, he still wanted to be friends. Friends like those two would be willing to share this sweet dessert in order to make peace. BALANCED DIET Healthy Meals for Slimming Rider Diners Pumpkin Biscuits Stuffed with Ghostly Butter (Not available in any other flavors, please don't ask. If you don't like guava, order the fruit cocktail.) This aromatic smoothie is a perfect berry blend filled with frosty, candied strawberries. This beverage reminds us that in life, you may need to sacrifice yourself to help others you care about. This is a must for those who concentrate on achieving a goal. A delicious frappe can make you focus on escaping this restaurant and not get distracted or hypnotized by any of the dishes. If you can center your attention to something, you can achieve it. The Schwa Was Here Sweet Cream Ice Cream Speeding Bullet Sea Bass Antsy Does Time "Aunt Mona Special" Paris, Capische? Mmm... Delicious, fluffy biscuits stuffed with a tricky cream. But this appetizer (baked from captured souls) is slightly deceitful and crafty. Like a surreal amusement park, it just might lure you into thinking you've found an escape to the restaurant, but you will just end up in The Kitchen. A personal favorite of Lexie Crawley. This flavorless ice cream is sprinkled strawberry sauce to add texture, like Antsy's braces. A very popular dish that many upcoming 7th graders enjoy. Tender fillet of Sea Bass fresh from the grill. A mighty meal like this will make you feel as powerful as Nick when he saves a bunch of people from accidents. A large dish prepared from the famous French-Italian restaurant,
"The Aunt Mona Special" consists of heavily perfumed complaint chicken and complimentary whine. FREE Save Yourself Spirits This hard liquor reminds us that it is not up to us to decide another persons fate, even if we can give him or her an opportunity to do something. Quinn must choose if he wants to be saved or not, because Blake can't make him leave the park if he doesn't want to. Editing fail Take Home Celebration Sub TURNER- "I think this restaurant is creative, fun, unique, and set apart from all the rest!" ANTONIO- "I think it is interestingly crazy." SAMANTHA- "This restaurant is totally purple!" WINSTON- "This restaurant is really Full Tilt! If it were to hypothetically be an 8th grade language project, I would give it a 100. Per serving: 309 calories, 15 g protein, 40 g carbohydrate, 12 g fat, 4 g saturated fat, 15 mg cholesterol, 6 g fiber, 370 mg sodium. Calories from fat: 33%. Cassandra's Casserole Seven Fruit Smoothie Energy Blends (22oz. each) Nothing to see here... 330 calories, 1 g of total fat, 3 g of protein, 77 g of total carbohydrates, 10% of Daily Calcium Intake, and 110% Vitamin C (per 22 oz. glass) Carl's
Portobello Mushroom Taco A perfect, sweet blend like this can quench anyone's thirst immediately. Not only is it high in calcium and vitamin C, but it has also been known to give customers the morale and determination they need to carry on through the entrees. 1 Glass: $2.49
7 Glass Combo: $13.99 How does an evil soul of destruction keep her figure? By eating a flavorful casserole of turkey and wild rice! This healthy alternative may have side effects of greediness and hope for world domination, but on the other hand, keep the taste, loose the waist. 207 Calories; 3g Fat (13.7% calories from fat); 1g Saturated Fat; 19g Protein; 26g Carbohydrate; 2g Dietary Fiber; 37mg Cholesterol; 125mg Sodium LIMITED TIME
OFFER No, I mean it. Nothing to see here. Now shoo Dauma Llama You know he's the right stepfather when he loves to eat this mushroom taco. These tacos burst with flavor from the guacamole. This low calorie dish is made with support and understanding, something a good stepfather should always be. $5.99 $6.66 Did the tasty entrees not lure you already? Well, not all kids are immediately addicted to this restaurant. If you are a picky type, you should try this Hypnotizing Hamburger to be caught up with the latest foods like all the other kids. $4.99 Currently there has been only one customer who has finished 7 of the required entrees: Blake
We shall remember this, Blake! Cold cut ham and cheese with tomatoes make a simple meal for small children. It takes a lot of willingness to keep yourself from letting go and enjoying your entree, and this sandwich can supply you with that self control. Quinn could use a bite of this sandwich. $3.99 Russ' 4 Piece Chicken Nuggets This order is popular among young children. Russ is a big chicken because he runs away from Maggie when he sees her face. But then, Russ gets tricked into The Kitchen and must make these nuggets. $3.99 Turner Dauma, Samantha Elliott, Antonio Muratori, Winston Van Who can resist a free 12-inch sandwich after you have finally completed the entree challenge? This sub can only be ordered after you complete 7 dishes. Traditionally, a victor should take this sub home to celebrate making it back safely. Don't tell your friends about this restaurant, however, because the universe will magically force them to not believe you. Buttered Carnival Lobster The carnival lobster is an introduction dish that most new diners order. It hooks you onto this restaurant and makes you curious about it. This dish provides lots of publicity and is the main way customers hear about this restaurant. HEAD COOK: NEAL SHUSTERMAN $4.99 $3.99 $4.99 $13.99 $18.99 $6.66 $28.99 $43.99 International Cuisine Editing Level: 1000 $47.99 $35.99 DEVIL'S NUMBER DEAL DEVIL'S NUMBER DEAL $66.99 $35.99 $30.99 $59.99 $29.99 $49.99 FREE With a purchase of $1000 or more $59.99 $4.99 $79.99 $4.99 $4.99 $49.99 $5.99 $9.99 $4.99 This large pizza is not only tasty, but has the power to tell you about yourself. Are you really ugly? Are you always wrong? Order this dish to find out.
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