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The colonial empires

No description

Thomas Basilien

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of The colonial empires

The colonial empires
The France
The first French colonial space started at the XVI Century

The second French colonial space started in the 1830

He was at his peak from 1919 to 1939

He fell apart after the second world war.
Few Number
In 1936
21 500 000 km² of land

10% of the surface on the earth

110 631 100 inhabitants

5% of the population in the world
We just kept 1% of our colonial empire
Important dates
-24 July 1534 : We took possession of the Canada.

-4 February 1794 : Abolition of slavery in french colony

-30 April 1803 : Sale of the Lousiane ( for half a billion of euros)

-6 May 1915 : International colonial exhibit in Paris
British Empire
-Start of the first british empire in the XVI century

-Start of the second british empire in 1783

-He was at his peak from 1815 to 1914

-He declined gradually after the first world war
Few Number
28 900 000 km² of lands

22% of emerged lands

450 000 000 of inhabitants

20% of the world population
In 1939
They possess 14 overseas territories known as Overseas British territories
Important dates
-1583 : Terre-Neuve became the first British colony

-1757 : Victory of the battle of Plassey -> Became the dominant power in India

-1783 : Defeat against The United States for their independence, loss of the 13 colonies

-1807 : Slave Trade Act

-1833 : Slavery Abolition Act

-1947 : India became independent

-1945 - 1997 : Decolonization and decline
And After, colonization of space ?
Thank you for your attention
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