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Communication Process Model

No description

Nicole Hajek

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Communication Process Model

The Communications Process Model
Noise is anything that could distract or interfere with the message
EX: Patrick says, "Hey Jason! For your party on Saturday, do you want me to bring anything?"
The actual verbal or non verbal action that happens between the two friends.
The way the receiver replies, or how the message is transmitted.
Feedback is when the receiver responds or replies
to the original sender.
The Context is informal because it's a casual
conversation between two classmates.

The sender is the person who starts the communication process.
Ex: Patrick sees Jason in the hallway and approaches him.
Ex: Patrick and Jason are communicating Face To Face, they are physically there standing right next to one another.
The way the message is sent.
The receiver is who is getting the message.
EX: Jason hears Patrick ask him the question. Therefore Jason is the receiver.
EX: Jason then replies to Patrick's question and
says, "No, that's okay. I hope to see you there!"
EX: When Jason answers,
he is talking
to him face to face
EX: A teacher began talking loudly to a kid near by which distracted Jason from the conversation temporarily.
A barrier is a physical obstacle that can distract or interfere with the communication.
EX: Before Jason got the chance to reply, he realized he forgot his book, so he was temporarily distracted from the conversation until found his book in his locker.
The physical environment is the where they are.
EX: Jason and Patrick are in is the hallway at school in between classes.
The climate is the emotional atmosphere.
EX: The climate between these two in this conversation is excited and they feel happy because they are talking about a fun party that is going to take place soon that they're both going to.

Face to face
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