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Inventions of The 1800's (their impact on the Great Plains)

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Marka Grunberg

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Inventions of The 1800's (their impact on the Great Plains)

Inventions of The 1800's (their impacts on the Great Plains)
Barbed Wire
Invented originally by Michael Kelly but was later modified and patented by Joseph Glidden in 1874
Steel Plow
Invented by John Deere
Invented by Cyrus McCormick
Steel Windmill
Invented by Daniel Halladay
Kept cattle in the farmers land
"Range Wars"
Great success
Made cultivating for planting easier
Farmers could make more profit
Changed the way of farming
Harvested wheat crops faster
McCormick's Reapers were originally made in Virginia but in 1848 he moved his factory to Chicago because he would tell that the center of wheat production was moving West.
Wheat production in larger quantities
Wind for water
All of these inventions helped improve and expand farming in the Great Plains of the West.

Land that would have been hard to plow was easier to cultivate with the Steel Plow.

Barbed Wire made livestock more manageable, despite it's limiting effect on free range animals and cattle drives.
The McCormick Reaper encouraged the development and expansion of wheat farming by making harvesting easier and more efficient.
And lastly but not least the Steel Windmill gave water access to farmers so they could irrigate their crops and water their livestock in places with limited rain fall.
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Improvement in rural living
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