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Switch on your ideas!

Simple tools to make and present your student's work.

Manuela Correia

on 6 September 2014

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Transcript of Switch on your ideas!

the best way to Manuela Correia | Portugal Switch on your ideas! Audio tools Aviary Audio Editor (closed)
Windows recorder
Handy Video Recorder ZOOM Q3 Visual tools Handy Video Recorder ZOOM Q3
Windows Live Movie Maker
Acoolsoft PPT to video free
All free video converter
aTube Catcher
TeacherTube Others tools Switch off Click to Town presentations Hip-hop Sound stories Recording and
sound editing "The Hours of the Day" "The Haunted House"
"The Young Witch" Recording and
sound editing "EUrings" (ringtones) Recordings "We made rain!"
(with our bare hands) Commercials
and Radioshows Personal
presentations "Hip-hop Clock" to promote your project to wish your partners
"Merry Christmas"! Live postcards to tell a story "Paradise" "Love in the Sea" Sound stories "Há 100 anos atrás"
(one hundred years ago) "Saudade" "Racism" to deliver a message Movies inspired by the music Movies synchronised with the music
Short animations to present your work "Bottle xylophone"
(tuned bottles) "Musical instruments"
(audio dictionary) to create online posters http://voicethread.com/?#u917134.b1927465.i10162010 http://padlet.com/wall/Europe_EuroConcert http://opus7dc.blogspot.pt/ http://europeonetwinning.weebly.com/ to present yourself,
your project, ... music technology eTwinning AP Tuner 3 Voki Voicethread Glogster Wallwisher
(now Padlet) Blogger Weebly Vocaroo Aviary Aviary Audacity Incredibox Handy Q3 Audacity Handy Q3
+ Audacity Handy Q3
+ Audacity Audacity Windows Live Movie Maker Windows Live Movie Maker Windows Live Movie Maker EUrope WaterRings Beyond music! 12 months full of eTwinning Windows Live Movie Maker PowerPoint
+ Paint to create websites to create blogs to create online 'walls' to tune instruments to create 'conversations' Switch on PiZap to create postcards "The Portuguese Guitar" "Portuguese Jazz Artists" brighten up your ideas! Lisbon Conference 2013 music technology eTwinning SoundCloud
and Podbean to share your audios Youtube
or TeacherTube to share your videos Lisbon | March 2013 Wallwisher / Padlet
AP Tuner 3 EUrope EUrope EUrope European Glossay of Music Behind the music WaterRings Behind the music Behind the music EUrope EUrope EUrope Behind the music Behind the music WaterRings WaterRings WaterRings EUrope European Glossary of music EUrope EUrope EUrope EUrope
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