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40th Anniversary timeline

No description

CBI Health Group

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of 40th Anniversary timeline

Dr. Hamilton Hall creates lecture series 'Women's College Hospital Back Education Unit'.
The Back Doctor
by Dr. Hamilton Hall published.
Company renamed
CBI Health Group to reflect an expanding network of
inter-disciplinary services.
Canadian Back Education Units (CBEU) expands program to employers.
The first major multi-clinic study is released titled, "Effects of Discharge Recommendations on Outcome".
Clinic network expands to New Brunswick.
Dedicated research staff develop protocols for measuring outcomes and fine-tunes data collection systems.
Hospital services created.
Company launches national community initiative, Hustle for Hunger to support local food banks.
Occupational therapy services expanded.
Assessment services created.
Management leads the re-purchase of the company as it returns to Canadian ownership.
Christopher Szybbo becomes President, having started as a physiotherapist in Brampton in 1990.
Employer services is expanded in Ontario to engage employers in health and safety to reduce risk and injury in the workplace.
Canadian Back Institute was created.
Patterns of Pain classification system validated and published.
Monarch House neurodevelopmental pediatric centre opens in British Columbia.
CBI Health Group selected as one of Canada's 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures.
Lecture series now named 'Toronto Back Education Units'.
Lecture series expands geographically and is renamed 'Canadian Back Education Units (CBEU)'.
CBI Health Group acquires We Care, a leading and established home health service provider with 49 offices, in 9 provinces, providing care to over 50,000 clients and serving over 800 communities.
First clinic opened in Toronto.
CBI pursues and receives its first CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accreditation.
Eldercare services created.
Clinic network expands to Prince Edward Island.
Clinic network expands to Alberta, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Quebec, Saskatchewan.
Company renamed CBI Health to reflect expanded multi-disciplinary approach in treatment of patients.
CBI Health Group celebrates its 40th anniversary.
Home health services launched in Alberta & Ontario.
CBI Health named one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies.
Education empowers patients to be active in the recovery and management of their back pain.
The first storefront clinic is opened, expanding a new assessment and care approach giving patients a more active role in their treatment.
Evidence-based best practices are core to the company’s approach. Dedicated research staff help shape the industry.
Focus on implementing infrastructure to support consistent clinical models and future sustainable growth. The company progressively develops its systems, processes and network capabilities.
CBI adds services to elder populations in the venues they reside - private homes and long term care facilities – expanding our focus in community care.
The company continues its expansion of community healthcare through the acquisition of We Care, a national home health provider.
The evolution of the Canadian community healthcare model - which CBI has embraced as its purpose - requires custom developed solutions that reflect the complexities of the Canadian system.
Employers are engaged as partners in their employees' health and wellness, putting education into practice.
Increasing complexity of patients and expansion beyond neck and back pain is addressed by expanded clinical disciplines and protocols.
Parents need help navigating the complexity of treating neurodevelopmental disorders. Monarch House offers education, support and evidence-based best practices focused on outcomes.
The company expands its role beyond patient experience and outcomes to the contribution it can make to improving healthcare system efficiency overall, through employers and within hospitals.
With a foundation of giving back to the communities in which we work, CBI creates a new national initiative.
A strategic acquisition supports the company's opportunity achieve geographic scale in home health and, importantly, integrate new capabilities into our core community healthcare model.
CBI Health sold to US healthcare company, Select Medical Corporation.
The company considers future opportunities to apply its best practices and interdisciplinary models.
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