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Cave Diving

A talk for UBUC

Jez Kent

on 3 October 2011

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Transcript of Cave Diving

Cave Diving What? Why? How? Where? Isn't ... ... is More dangerous than a cave? 2 mins at 35 m
= 2 x 4.5 x 100 l
= 900 l
... or 75 bar 3 min ascent at an
average depth of 17.5 m
= 3 x 2.75 x 100 l
= 825 l
... or 70 bar Total = 145 bar from a 12 litre cylinder France Bosnia and Herzegovina Oko Yucatán Dropped oxygen
(5 mins) Dropped spare 50%
(15 mins) Dropped 50% travel gas / deco
Switched to 18/45 stage
(30 mins) Turned the dive
(45 mins, c. 550 m) Started deco at 40 m - gradual ascent
(60 mins, i.e 30 min bottom time) Peacock
Springs Ginnie
Springs Nohoch
Nah Chich Danger / Challenge Skills Teamwork Progression Fun Beauty Locations Focus Deco Ocean Cave Used half the stage
Switched to 18/45 backgas
(40 mins) Switched back to stage
(50 mins) Switched to 50%
(70 mins + 5 min stop) Stop / start exit
(75 - 105 mins) Switched to oxygen
(105 mins + 20 min stop) Exit
(130 mins) Trained:
1. Depth
2. Guideline
3. Gas What about open water? UK incident analysis How much gas would it take to get you and your buddy out of a silty wreck and safely back to the surface? Normal SAC = 25 l/min
=> panicked = 50 l/min
=> 2 panicked divers = 100 l/min Accident
analysis Start Turn Buddy's The rule of thirds Rules: 1. Training 2. Guideline 3. Depth 4. Gas 5. Lights Doing It Right Redundancy Fontaine du
Truffe versus Mexico Florida http://vimeo.com/7712401 http://vimeo.com/10552011 http://vimeo.com/2540782
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