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The White Mountains Ciaran

No description


on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of The White Mountains Ciaran

The White Mountains
Author: John Christopher
Main Character
The main character is Will. He is the main character because he was supposed to be leaving on his own to the White mountains so the book was going to be about him.
The main character in this book is a good guy. He might seem bad as he escaped from home. He really did it because he didn't want to be capped so he went to a place where there are no Tripods.
Is he good or bad
The setting of this book is a lot of places as they are traveling. One of them that I think is important is the village that they live in. Another one is the castle that they rested at and Will watched a tournament there.
Vocabulary Words
Lining- layer of cloth
Solemn- serious
Inquiringly- curious
Tremendous- great in quality or amount
Affection- liking for something or someone
Distant- a far away sound
Brazier- a portable heater holding burning coals
Tavern- old fashioned pub
Previous- something before
Gradients- the angle of a slope
Slogged- work hard
Earthenware- made from earth
Luminous- shining or glowing
Indifferently- Not Bothered
Rummaging- Looking through
Facade- Front of a building
Crumbling- breaking up
Probed- investigate
Vastness- big
Dispassionate- without caring
Sullen- unwilling to talk
Domination- control or command
Contented- happy
Obedient- listen to someone/do as their told
Assurance- guarantee
Delicately- carefully
Imperiously- someone who is domineering or bossy
Tar- thick black liquid which comes from coal
Wallowing- allow yourself or someone else to enjoy
Throbbing- hurting
The Plot
The plot of this book is when they are traveling to the White Mountains because they have to pass all these challenges and get past broken bridges and not get seen by the villagers on the other side of the sea.
The climax of this story is
Science Fiction
This book is science fiction because it has technology and aliens.
Yes, the characters were all believable. They were scared when the boat was being attacked by waves. They react like any other person would if that happened.
Meeting A Character
I would like to meet Will, because I could ask him questions that he could answer that weren't in the book.
Like a Character
I like Will because he is very brave and he perseveres. He always wanted to carry on in the journey even though it meant leaving his parents. He was strong.
Important things that Happened
One is that Will had to leave home.

Another one is when Will was found by his cousin.

A third one is when Will and Henry got arrested by the people of the village on the other side of the sea and they were rescued by Beanhole.

The fourth one is the tournament at the castle Will was at.

The fifth one is when Will ,Henry and Beanhole arrived at the White Mountains.
My opinion of this book is that it was exciting and there was lots going on. I would recommend this book.
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