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EARCOS Manila, Philippines

3 days of workshops exploring different educational ideas

Benjamin Turner

on 21 June 2012

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Transcript of EARCOS Manila, Philippines

EARCOS 2010, MANILA Taylor Mali, Slam poet
Keynote Speaker Math Differentiation Strategies PE "sportfolio" - a booklet like GESS portfolio. It includes:
Self/peer assessment
Documentation (photos)
Awards / certificates (participation, etc)

Each unit has own CI, some connect to UoIs
1. A team must be able to play, explain and evaluate a team strategy (gr. 5)
2. We must learn how to move in spaces with a ball (gr. 3)

Use E-portfolio for other porfolio items (Maths, UoI, LA, specialists) PE Games
10 warm up games for primary PE PE Portfolio -shift away from current teaching strategy
CURRENT: students learn at school, apply at home
SUGGESTION: make students "apply" learning at school
Do "homework" at school, so if applied wrongly, immediate
corrections (perhaps more applicable to older grades..)

Empathy – need to emphasize this amongst schools and students – understanding GLOBALLY what is going on.

Can gain understanding through interactive technology - Skype, Twitter... Alan November
Keynote speaker New idea for GESS
ISM has budget for their "student actions" (Saturday volunteer, Icare)
Money set aside for quick relief situations (Typhoon Ondoy, Haiti)
What if our Casual Day funds are split between relief fund and other charities (blue dragon, etc.)? Money would be available for desperate circumstances INSTEAD of always waiting to have a casual day or raising funds weeks after the catastrophe passes GERMAN Two Staff lessons GMT or GFL (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr (cc) image by quoimedia on Flickr
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