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Sales Meeting Philadelphia

No description

Humberto Bastos

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of Sales Meeting Philadelphia

Rising to the Challenge
2013 Knovel Midyear
Sales Meeting
August 13-15, 2013

1- Target Achievement
Clear Vision on where we stand and how we will achieve our 2013 goal
2- Sales Effectiveness
Maximize our resources and Leverage the new Knovel Platform
3- Customer Focus
Ensure that customers and prospects receive the most value from their Knovel experience.
Successful Meeting
- Share your experiences
- Network and learn from one another
- Have Fun!
Maximizing Resources
- Knovel Marketing and Product Team
- Elsevier Account Managers
- Knovel Sales Team
Leveraging the New Platform
- Solidify renewals
- Reengage with lost opportunities
- Excite customers and prospects

Customer Service
- Product knowledge and proficiency
- Learn about our customer
- Listen to what is important to them
Personal Development
- Invest in developing yourself
- Focus on what you do well and do it even better
- Allow yourself to learn something new
Target Status Update
- Secured Revenue
- Gap to Target
- Need to Achieve Action Plan
2013 Target
$25.7M Revenue (Recognized)
$2M New Business (Bookings)
Meeting Focus
1-Target Achievement
2-Sales Effectiveness
3-Customer Value
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