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Group 2

No description

Divyne Camberos

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Group 2

Chapter 6
Chapter starts off with...

" I would like to get a copy of the magazine that carried the story of the young man
(Alex McCandless) dying in Alaska. I would like to write the one that investigated the incident. I drove him from Salton City Calif...in March 1992...to Grand Junction Co.... I left Alex there to hitch-hike to S.D. He said he would keep in touch. The last I heard from him was a letter the first week in April, 1992. On our trip we took pictures, me with the camcorder + Alex with his camera.

If you have a copy of that magazine please send me the cost of that magazine.

I understand he was hurt. If so I would like to know how he was injured, for he
always carried enough rice in his backpack + he had arctic clothes + plenty of money.
sincerely, ronaldA.FRANZ

Please do not make these facts available to anybody till I know more about his death for he was not just the common wayfarer. Please believe me."
Backstory on how McCandless and Franz met.
Insight on Fran'z past
While with Franz, he taught McCandless the art of craving on leather.
Thus, the creation of Chris' journey belt.
McCandless then moves on to San Diego.
When Franz found out about Chris' death he proclaims his hate for God and goes to the store for a bottle of liquor.
Chapter 8
Many Alaskans were outraged with the Chris McCandless story and sent hate mail to
Many people attempted to live off Alaskan wilderness and died.
Majority claimed to be mentally unstable.
Krakauer compares McCandless to these other people
The Mayor of Hippie Cove
Gene Rosellini
Carl McCunn
Mount McKinley
Chapter 9
Chapter 7
Wayne working at his combine in South Dakota.
7 months prior of Alex's death, Alex told Wayne he was ready to work
-promised Wayne and Gail he'd come back and help with Autumn Harvest
- Alex did jobs that no one wanted to do:
- muck out warehouses, exterminating vermin, painting, pulling and cutting weeds.
- Alex was always outgoing and charmed a bunch of people.
-never talked about being romantic
-had chastity and moral purity qualities
-April 15th, everyone gathered to see him leave
- April 18th, Wayne received a letter from Alex (Arrived in Whitefish, headed to Alaska)
-On April 27th, Alex sent out two letters to Wayne, Jan and Bob

Theories About Ruess' Death
When they started to search for him they found his two burros and his campsite but nothing else.
His possessions and his body were never found.
Climbing along a canyon wall
Murdered by cattle rustlers
Ken Sleight, believes that he had drowned.
Group 2
Into the Wild
Pages 47-97

John Mallon

Comparison between Christopher McCandless to Everett Ruess
Similarities included
Not crazy
Enjoyed nature
Highly intelligent
Lan Rameau 1931/ Nemo 1934
He disappeared in Davis Gulch in the year 1934.
Everett Ruess was born in Oakland, California in 1913
After receiving his diploma in 1931 he traveled through Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.
Everett Ruess said “the freedom and simple beauty of it is just too good to pass up”.

Chapter 6 - Meets Ronald franz, who drops him off but they soon become steadfast friends. Franz last sees McCandless when he drops him off at grand junction, Colorado. McCandless sends a letter telling the older man that he needs to change his lifestyle. Franz waits for hime to come back but he never does. He learns from a traveler that McCandless had died.

Chapter 7 - He goes to Wayne’s grain elevator where he works to accumulate the money that he needs to gather the gear he will need to survive in the wild. The reader is also given more insight into why McCandless has come to detest his parents as much as he does.

Chapter 8 - These chapter highlights the insight various people gave on McCandless after the article had been published on him. It helps to show the varied responses of people and those who met McCandless.

Chapter 9 - An out of place chapter it highlights the story of another person who wished to break away from society. Someone who may have influenced McCandless. There are many commonalities between the two though there are some significant differences as well.
Overall Summary
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