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Cell analogy on my dirt bike

No description

tomessa villalpando

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Cell analogy on my dirt bike

Cell analogy on my dirt bike
Life Science 2013 period 7
by:Ashlynn Villalpando
The nucleus is the control center of an cell and also forms the cell and the function of the cell.
The ignition control , controls everything on the bike one push of the button and the bike will turn off.
Small grain - like structure in the cytoplasm of the cell , where proteins are made !
The motorcycles ribosomes are like the FUEL of the dirt bike because with out gas or (proteins) you would not be able to make the dirt bike work.!!!!!!
Rod - shaped cell structures that convert energy in food molecules to energy that the cell can use to carry out its functions.
The engine transforms gas for the dirt bike as the mitochondria would do for the cell !!!!!!!!!!!!
Golgi Bodies
Cell Membrane
Cell Wall
DNA (chromosomes)
The rough E.R. is a system of membrane that is found in the cells cytoplasm and the job of it is to move proteins around in the cell.
The rough E.R. in the dirt bike is like the fuel line. It is mostly like that because it transports the fuel throughout the dirt bike.
Receives proteins and other newly formed materials from the E.R. , packages them and distributes them to other parts of the cell.
The "Golgi bodies"
The Golgi Bodies~ in the dirt bike are like the carbeurator because it mxes the gas with air as the gas passes through
The cell membrane is the outside cell boundary that controls which substances can enter or leave the cell.
The cell membrane of the dirt bike are the plastics. The plastics protect anything going on the inside of the bike like to the engine.
The cytoplasm is the material within a cell apart from the nucleus.
The dirt bikes cytoplasm is all the cables like the break cable or water hose .
The smooth E.R. job is to make lipids, control the calcium level in the muscles and neutralizes poisons, alcohol and drugs.
The smooth E.R. in the dirt bike is extra wires in the bike that it needs to have in order to run.
The chloroplast is the structure in the plant and some algae cells that captures the suns energy and uses it to make food.
The chloroplast in the dirt like is the chain because the chain takes small explosions in the engine and transfers the energy to the wheel.
The cell wall is a rigid layer of nonliving material that surrounds the cell of the plants and some other organisms.
The frame works as a cell wall on a dirt bike because the frame holds the cell together and surrounds the engine .
The nucleolus is found in the nucleus , and it controls the ribosomes production.
The throttle is the nucleolus because its gives the bike the fuel to run and controls how much gas should go into the engine that would give the dirt bike the power.
The vacuole is a sac inside a cell that acts as the storage area in a cell.
The fuel tank is the storage space in a dirt bike because it stores the gas just before it is used.
The lysosomes is a small , round cell structure that contains digestive enzymes.
The exhaust is the lysosomes in a dirt bike because it gets rid of burnt fuel.
Chromosomes is a structure in the nucleus that is made up of DNA and protein, which also contains hereditary material.
The brand of the dirt bike is like the DNA of the bike because it shows the brand of the bike and gives it , its look.
Smooth E.R.
The smooth E.R. has no ribosomes, makes lipids, controls the calcium level in muscles and also neutralizes poisons, alcohol and drugs.
The extra wires and parts are most like the smooth E.R. because they have special jobs that they have to do but different than another organelle and the wires also neutralize the bike from blowing up and allow it to run.
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