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New 2014 Cookies

No description

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of New 2014 Cookies

-fill in 3 letter month
-fill in date
-delete this frame
All registered Girl Scouts can sell cookies if they have parental permission.

Reduce Waste
ABC is the only licensed Girl Scout cookie baker with all Baker’s Choice items in trays with film overwrap.
A Powerful Brand
*GSUSA, Nielsen All Outlet US Data - 52 weeks ending 4/20/13

When does the sale start?
5 Skills
2014 GSDSW Goals
84,570 Cases

100% Troop Participation

300 Per Girl Average (PGA)

Enter Initial Orders Into Snap
Cookie Sale Begins
Booth Sales
Booth Bash-Panda Palooza
Sale Ends
Midnight January 5th
January 18th
January 25th-March 2nd
February 22nd
March 2nd
How do we sell cookies?
Money Matters
Troop Proceeds
Standard $.60 per package

Opt-Out $.65 per package

Reap the $.65 per package
Big Rewards

Opt Out & Reap the Big Rewards
$.70 per package


Goal Setting
View recognitions and set package goal
Track progress
Set reach goals
Monitor performance within troop
Cheer on troop teammates

Sale Planning
Develop an activity plan
Track progress against plan
Earn and display 5 Skills activity bling
Consumer Marketing
Ability to import contacts
Automatic Thank You card generation
Send e-cards to friends and families
Collect orders online
Maintain contact database for use next year
Share achievements with troop
Cheer on troop teammates
Social media sharing for teens
Volunteers can share news and tips with girls and families
Custom Order Card
Multi-purpose, customized order card for our council
Features our council’s recognition program
Includes information about COCOmobile, the new mobile app for girls and COCO online upgrades too
Pocket order card included

Mobile App
for girls
Online Family Engagement
5 Skills
Ways to Support Your Girl Scout
Family Activities
"Ask Me About
My Girl Scout
Mobile App
for Cupboard Managers
Assists Cupboard Managers registered in Snap manage planned orders & inventory
Secure log in
Sort orders by troop
Create and edit planned order information
Confirm pick-up of planned orders
Automatically transfer inventory to a troop
Digital Resources
for easy access
Family Involvement Materials
Sample Session Plans by Grade Level
Troop Goal Setting App
Send girls online “cheers” and share information through COCO

Volunteer Toolkit
ABC Bakers volunteer focused Facebook page
Share sales success stories with other volunteers across the country
New Cookie & Technology flyers
8 Ways to change the world flyer
Goal chart & booth identifier
Guidance for training, goal setting, order-taking and booth sales
Girl-led materials

Download useful theme images in high or low resolution from our online art gallery

Cookie Time marketing tools to help drive sales!

Boost Your Sales
NEW Dashboard for easy access to key sales information
Improved recognition ordering process
Improved order management process
The Cookies Are Here!
Girls pick a plan:

Recognition (cumulative)
*Recognitions will be delivered to your SUCM in May. Please make arrangements to pick up your troops recognition order promptly. Any recognitions not picked up 30 days after delivery to your SUCM will become property of the council and we cannot guarantee that your recognitions will be available at the council after those 30 days.


Desert Dollars (cumulative, includes patches)
*Desert Dollars as with any recognition, are individual girl recognitions. They cannot be shared or given away. They will be issued with the girls name and expiration date. Desert Dollars can be used for Early Bird/On Time Membership Registration, GSDSW Summer Day & Resident Camps, GSDSW Council Shop purchases, GSDSW event registrations. Desert Dollars will be given to SUCM to be given to leaders with all other recognitions. ALL DESERT DOLLARS WILL EXPIRE SEPTEMBER 15, 2014. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Our Recognition Plan
Key Points...
skill building
online resources
how to get help
booth etiquette
On My Honor consequences

*Refer to Family Training Outline in guide*
Where to get help...
5 oz re-sealable pouch
No artificial flavors
No artificial colors
No high fructose corn syrup
No palm oil
No hydrogenated oils
Made with real chocolate chips & real butter
#1 Your Service Unit Cookie Manager (SUCM)

#2 Jennifer Candelas
Administrative Assistant
915-566-9433 ext 215

#3 Aggie Reyes
Product Sales Program Manager
915-566-9433 ext 219

Easily accessible from
Downloadable booth sale support materials
New cookie FAQs for girls, volunteers and consumers to find answers to some common questions
A specially designed web page with product information
And all councils participating in this exclusive pilot will be highlighted on

ABC’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Shortbread
packaging will feature a custom QR code!
Scan to learn more!!

Support Materials


On My Honor Date:
January 18, 2014

Sale Ends:
March 2, 2014
Set and track goals
Take and manage cookie orders
See a summary of orders and item totals
View nutritional information with product images
Track order payment and delivery status
Email confirmations automatically sent to customers
View recognitions, identify level achieved, track sales needed
Automatically sync with online COCO information

Girl Scout Cookie Finder
for Family Training
from all of us!

2013-2014 Cookie Training
New this year!
If a girl is caught selling/taking orders BEFORE
January 18th the following must be done
*We need proof that pre-selling is taking place
(copy or picture of order card)
*Once we receive proof the girl will NOT
receive recognitions/credit for those cookies
sold, however the girl must still deliver those
cookies to the customers.
Please reference Family Training Outline in Cookie Guide

Host a parent meeting to discuss the following:
5 Skills
Booth Etiquette
On My Honor Date
Important Dates
Check Acceptance Policy
Cookie Price
Cookie Varities
Safety Guideline
Enter goals into
Keep accurate records, receipts and turn in paperwork on time
Troop Cookie
Coordinators Responsibilities
Cookie Price
$4.00 per package
2014 Cookie ACH Schedule
February 20th - 50% of Initial cookie orders AND 50% of 1st week of re-orders (planned orders)

February 27th - 50% of 2nd week of re-orders (planned orders) and clean up on first ACH

March 20th - Final ACH withdrawal for all remaining funds

**Very Important**
If your ACH's have not cleared by the second ACH date and you have not communicated with the council, you troop cannot pick up any more cookies until ACH is cleared.

Social Media
*Girls can market cookies by sending emails to friends, family members & former customers, as long as they use a group email address or address of parent/guardian.

*Girls who are 13 years and older may use social media sites that are closed communities such as facebook to market cookies.

*Sales may NOT be transacted in the internet for example through a site that has an electronic shopping cart, online auction sites or public sites such as eBay and Craigslist.
Gift of Caring
*Council wide community service project

*2013 GSDSW sent 11,460 boxes

*6 Gift of Caring boxes for GOC patch
*Make a flyer or poster for your booths for GOC

*Customer doesn't select variety, they purchase by box. Troop doesn't receive box, boxes go directly from warehouse to Ft. Bliss, then overseas

Booth Bash-Panda Palooza
Booth Bash is February 22nd
email pictures to

Winners will receive a gift certificate to use at any GSDSW shop
1st Place $75
2nd Place $50
3rd Place $25

*Be creative and have fun!*

Final Reports-March 6th
*Evaluations due - watch for email link
*Discrepancy reports (if needed)
*End of Sale Report
*If no delinquencies or NSF checks you must notify your Service Unit Cookie Manager

*Your Service Unit Cookie Manager may request other documents*

Banking/Check Procedures
*Troops will deposit all cookie program funds into their troop bank accounts
*All council proceeds are collected via ACH (Automatic Clearing House)
*All checks must have drivers license number and phone number
*Maximum amount for personal checks is $75.00
*No business checks over $500.00
*If there is a NSF check you must notify the council within 7 days of the return date. If check is does not have proper information or council does not get notified within 7 days of NSF the troop will be held responsible for the total amount.
*Reminder we do NOT have girls/parents pay for cookies before they receive them!
There are NO returns or exchanges of cookies to the council
Troop cookie managers are responsible for all cookies ordered, until transferred to girls
Transfer between troops are done through SNAP by the Service Unit Cookie Manager
Receipts should be done for ALL transactions
Damage cookies email
Initial Delivery January 13-18
*Have your vehicles empty and ready to be loaded. If you are using more than one vehicle, the largest vehicle will be first to be loaded. If in doubt bring another vehicle.
*Please try to arrive to delivery site as close to your time as possible.
*Avoid bringing other children for safety of everyone
*Must bring another adult as the "counter" for the cookies
*Once your vehicle has been loaded and you have signed for your cookies, you are responsible for them. Please note discrepancies BEFORE signing & leaving
Planned Orders
*Troops in the West & Central Regions are REQUIRED to enter a "Planned Order" into SNAP by 10 am the day prior to delivery to specific cupboard.

*Troops in East Region are REQUIRED to enter a "Planned Order" into SNAP by midnight 48 hours prior to delivery to specific cupboard.

If a troop attempts to pick up cookies without prior "planned order", they will be turned away.

***Please remember that the volunteers that are distributing cookies at the cupboards have other responsibilities just like everyone else. Please be mindful and respectful of their time. Please refer to cookie guide for cupboard times***

***New this year! A “Wheely” Good Idea!***
A Walkabout is when a troop or individual girl creates a Girl Scout Cookie Mobile by decorating a wagon, sled, or any creative mobile unit that can be easily pushed or pulled and then taking their cookie sales on the road. Go door-to-door in your neighborhood selling cookies and have actual cookie boxes in hand. This does not include motorized vehicles and is not a cookie booth. They must take place during daylight hours only and remember to have an adult with you at all times. Walkabout patches are available at all GSDSW shops.

Can I have a rolling sale/Walkabout/Caravan in a shopping center, park or other public area?
No. In order to maintain good relationships with property managers, stores, and to be fair, only booth sales are allowed in non-residential areas.
Can we do a rolling sale/Walkabout/Caravan as a Troop at one of our meetings?
Yes! What a fun outing for your Troop and a great way to help girls reach their goals!

Credit Cards
Why Credit Cards?
The move to a cashless society has been a hot trend since 2005. According to a March 2010 report by Generator Research, the worldwide market for mobile payments will grow to $633.4 billion by 2014, up from $68.7 billion in 2009. The same report predicts mobile payment users will grow 600% to 490 million by 2014. This trend is here to stay! For consumers, the main benefit of mobile payments is convenience. Consumers also tend to buy more on credit cards. Allowing consumers the option to pay with credit cards will help grow your Girl Scout cookie sale. And today, accepting credit cards from a mobile phone is a simple process.

Factors to Consider When Evaluating Vendors:

Transaction Features
Payment Security
Hardware & Compatibility
Troop would be responsible for fees

Bottom Line
Processing mobile payments is easy and will increasingly become the way consumers expect to manage transactions. Converting mobile phones into payment devices can offer convenience to consumers, streamline processes for girls and volunteers and grow your sale revenue.

See cookie guide for more information

Cookie Booths
2014 Cookie Booth Scheduler Dates

Round 1 - January 5th at 9am MST
Troops may sign up for 4 time slots in SNAP

Round 2 - January 12th at 9am MST
Troops may sign up for 4 additional time slots in SNAP

Round 3 - January 19th at 9am MST
Troops may sign up for any remaining time slots at any location

Only Product Sales Committee members can approach businesses for booths
Any adult supervising a booth must be a registered Girl Scout
All girls in the troop MUST be offered the opportunity to participate
If you need to cancel a council-arranged booth, you must do so at least 48 hours in advance in SNAP, this gives other troops an opportunity to sign up for the time slot
No illegal roadside booths
No tagalongs permitted
Prepare your troop for booth - refer to cookie guide
Cookie Booths
Cookie Booth Etiquette
I will:
Be polite and friendly
Remember that my behavior reflects on ALL Girl Scouts
Obey the booth sales starting date
Arrive and leave on time
Not block entrances to store
Keep table and area neat
Say THANK YOU to all approached
Remove empty boxes and recycle if possible
Know what my troop will do with troop proceeds
Respect each retailers policy regarding cookie booth procedures
Bring cookie booth confirmation email
Be on my BEST Girl Scout behavior!

I will NOT:
Get in the way of customers
Yell or be disrespectful to girls or other troops
Go into the store while working at the cookie booth to sell cookies
Approach businesses for a cookie booth
Eat, drink or chew gum while at the cookie booth
Leave trash behind
Conduct an illegal roadside booth
Bring tagalongs

Booths are a privilege and any bad behavior looks bad on ALL Girl Scouts. Your actions can cause other troops to lose future booths.

Cookie Booth Etiquette
Edit my profile -
Add/Edit Troop Girls
Snap Shot Page
Initial Order
Initial Order- In Cases not Packages
Planned Order
Transfer Order from Cupboard to Troop
Transfer Order Troop to Girl
Planned Order
Double Click on Location
Select Available Booth Location
(i.e 10/29)
Click TroopFCFSReserve and save
then close and will change to booked on calendar
***hint run booth summary report to see if there are any times available even if calendar says "booked"
Confirmed FCFS Booth
New! Review Tab
New! Sales Tab
New! Finance Tab
New! Inventory Tab
Track Gift of Caring
Booth Scheduler-Viewing booths
Click Here for new girls

***select girl tshirt size upon entry of girl
***If shirt size is different from hoodie size will need to change hoodie size on recognition order! This will be her default size for tshirt recognition order

*** ensure you select correct proceed plan for each girl, will determine which recognition plan she can pick
Manage Orders
Create Recognition Order
Create Recognition Order
View Recognition Order
Girl Scout Promise
On my honor, I will try:
Try to serve God and my Country,
To help people at all times,
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.
Girl Scout Law
I will do my best to be
honest and fair,
friendly and helpful,
considerate and caring,
courageous and strong, and
responsible for what I say and do,
and to
respect myself and others,
respect authority,
use resources wisely,
make the world a better place, and
be a sister to every Girl Scout.
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