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Local Food Economy (LFE)

How Stone Hoe Gardens is advancing Phoenix's LFE

Tina Leadbetter

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Local Food Economy (LFE)

Seeds like Stone Hoe Gardens, decide Growers who buys this stuff? Sales & Marketing picking & packing Temporary storage
Delivery to customers
what is a local food economy? Local
Economy All the different elements and
people that support local food. save seeds to help expand the
store of local seeds that grow
well in our communities Seed Saving Local growers save seeds to plant next year
and share with others How? Terrestrial
Raised Bed
Aquaponics What? Fruit
Flowers When? Seasonality Why? Food
Soil Health With what? Companion planting How much? Yields Chefs need great food to create
meals people will remember Farmers Market the public generally buys
local food at farmers markets
all around the city CSA's Community supported agriculture is local residents agreeing to by shares in the production of a small farm or garden in advance. everything starts with a seed Seed Libraries Compost Non-compost where do the leftovers go? Composting recycles food
through decomposition. Some things usually can't be composted,
like proteins, bone,
shells and corncobs. These things typically end up in a landfill. see Aquaponics growing fish in controlled environments Cattle Livestock & Poultry ` Waste = fertilizer Beef
Milk Sheep Lamb
Wool Chicken
Eggs Goats Cheese
Milk Poultry non-food uses for fruits, vegetables, flowers & herbs Botanical Products Essential Oils Candles
Bath products
Beauty products Healing
Aromatherapy Personal Goods Decor Fresh flowers
Dried flowers more knowledge, better choices Education Consumers Health & nutrition
The true cost of food
Sustainability of agriculture Children Where does food come from?
Good food tastes good!
What should we grow now? Growing How to grow food

See Growers Distribution Harvesting Fisheries Waste Stone Hoe Gardens Natural growers of nutritious food for fine restaurants and healthy people Working to advance the Phoenix food economy through grower development, education, and of course, producing great food. Grower Development Creating farm business models
Promoting co-op opportunities
Grower support Education Community based programs targeting:
Growers Programs
...include topics such as:
Diet & nutrition, and their effect on general health
The source of food, including food miles and Earth resources required to grow food
Growing fresh foods in the desert so what's next? Presented by Tina Leadbetter
Stone Hoe Gardens gotta have critters
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