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No description

Meredith D'Angelo

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of RECRUITING

Meredith D'Angelo
Nikki Benoit
Molly O'Brien
Kenny Myers
Erica Napchan
Recruiting is about attracting candidates to your organization
Set goals
Determine candidates
Determine Internal or External
Job postings, bulletins, openings, etc.
Seniority system
Replacement charts
Succession charts
Former employees & former interns
Walk ins, advertising, referrals
Employment agencies
Targeted Recruiting
Recruitment Efficiency
Selection ratio = number of positions to be filled/
number of applicants
Failure rate: Percent of applicants will be incompetent or leave
Employer Benefits
Critical KSAOS
Career Benefits
Create Reputation
Rarity of Skills
Lucrative Packages
Recruitment Image
Creative Recruiting
Top 10 Recruiting Activities
Screening is the first step of the selection process
Screening Resumes
Application Banks
Screening Interviews & Tests
Screening the Internet
Trained recruiting team
Efficient recruiting process
Evaluate technology
Align to corporate strategy
Currently Employed
Formal Referrals
Classified Ads
Alternative Ads
Open House
Group Interaction
Hand Picked
Unaccepted Places
Unusual Events
Non-traditional Media
Social Media
Creative Billboard
Past Candidates
Publicized Referral
Resume tells the company what the candidate wants to say
Interview allows company to ask what they want to know
Screening Benefits
Saves time
Follow up
Company Image
Look For
Easy to read
Active voice
Time gaps
Errors/incorrect info
Key qualifications
Bad objects
No One size fits all
When screening applications look for:
inconsistencies with resume
complete answers
Brief phone interviews
Brief online or written tests
Open house
Includes checking social networking sites:
Firm A
4 openings, 50 applicants
ratio= 4/50= 0.08
Firm B
4 openings, 4 applicants
Ratio= 4/4= 1 (or 1-to-1)
If both Firms have a 50% Failure Rate
Firm A
: 0.08 x 0.50= 4%
Firm B
: 1 x 0.50= 50%
Illegal Screening Question
Maiden name?
Do you own or rent your home?
High school graduation date?
Are you a US citizen?
What is your mother language?
How did you learn Spanish?
Do you live with your parents?
Have you ever been arrested?
List all associations or clubs to which you belong.
Ask about disabilities, severity, or the nature of?
Creative Recruiting
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