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Business Plan 3D - 53642

Available at prezzip.com Business Plan prezi template by Prezzip business people working in the big city. What is your ambition?

Your Prezis

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Business Plan 3D - 53642

New York University
Separate elements:
NYU is located in Greenwich Village, New York
57,245 students attend NYU.
43% male, 57% female
Ethnic Breakdown
38.5% White
0.2% American Indian- Alaskan Native
14.5% Asian
4.8% Black or African American
8.1% Hispanic/Latino
18.6% International
0.1% Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
2.4% Two or more races
It costs $46k-$51k for the average tuitions and fees for two semesters. It costs $16,782 for the average room and board per year.
Most students live in apartments or in residential halls.
The average scholarship is $25,556. Some available scholarships include sport, art/media, and merit scholarships.
The average size of each classroom
at NYU is about 30 students.
There are 230 majors available at NYU
Most Popular Majors:
Arts and Media
Educated and Health Related Fields
Humanities and Social Sciences
3.7 is the minimum GPA required for admission into NYU.
The minimum SAT score is 1900.
Minimum Course Requirments
A) History
B) English
C) Mathematics
D) Laboratory Science
E) Foriegn Language
F) Visual and Performing Arts
G) College-Prep Electives
NYU has multiple campuses worldwide including NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU Shanghai, and ten academic sites in Accra, Ghana; Berlin, Germany, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Florence, Italy; London, England; Madrid, Spain; Paris, France; Prague, the Czech Repulic; Shanghai, China; Tel Aviv, Isreal; and Washington D.C.
For fun, many NYU students explore the city during their free time.
NYU is a private school.
Contact Information:
NYU is the school for me :)
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