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Tracey Ragnanan

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of WATCHMEN

Rorschach aka Walter Joseph Kovacs
By: Michelle, Monisha, Javeria and Tracey
His Interactions and Relationships with Fellow Watchmen
With the Nite Owl
1. When Rorschach breaks into the Nite-Owl’s apartment.
Nite Owl: "Those were great times...whatever happened to them?"
Rorschach : "You quit."
He believes the Nite Owl was not forced to retire by the Keene Act but simply gave up.

2. When Dr. Malcolm talks to Rorschach while he’s in jail.
Rorschach: “In 1965, worked with Nite Owl bringing street gangs under control. Tackled the big figure together. Brought down under boss together. Good team.”
He was not just good friends with the Nite Owl but they were partners as well.

3. When The Nite Owl and Silk Spectre break Rorschach out of jail.
“Good seeing you in uniform, Daniel like old times.”
He is happy that the Nite Owl changed his mind about his theory and decided to help.

4. When Rorschach and the Nite Owl arguing in the ship.
Nite Owl: “You live off people while insulting them. Nobody complains because they think you’re a goddamned lunatic. You know it’s hard being your friend.”
Rorschach: “I am sorry that it is sometimes difficult.”
Rorschach appreciates Nite Owl’s friendship.

With The Comedian
1. When Rorschach goes to warn the Silk Spectre and Dr. Manhattan about his theory.
Rorschach: “I’m not here to speculate on the moral lapses of men who died in their country’s service. I came to warn…”
He believes The Comedian didn’t do anything wrong, it was just a bad judgment call.

2. When Dr. Malcolm talks to Rorschach while he’s in jail.
“Except Comedian. Met him in 1966. Forceful personality. Didn’t care if people liked him. Uncompromising. Admired that.”
He also looked up to The Comedian because of his personality and outlook of the world.

With the Silk Spectre (II)
1. When Rorschach goes to warn the Silk Spectre and Dr. Manhattan about his theory.
Silk Spectre: “What are you doing here Rorschach? This is a government base and I hear you’re wanted by the police.”
Silk Spectre: “Get this creep out of here.”
Silk Spectre :“I just don’t like Rorschach. He’s sick inside his mind. The sooner the police find him the better.”
She doesn’t hide her dislike for Rorschach being present.

2. In the Nite Owl’s workshop.
Silk Spectre : “You’re not seriously starting to take Rorschach’s Mask Killer nonsense seriously?”
Silk Spectre :“We’re planning to bust a homicidal manic out of sing-sing.”
She thinks little of Rorschach and doesn’t think he's a liability.

3.When the Silk Spectre and Nite Owl break Rorschach out of jail.
Rorschach: “And Miss. Juspeczyk although never liked your uniform. Nothing personal.”
He appreciates the Silk Spectre joining them but he is uncomfortable with her outfit because of his childhood.

With Dr.Manhattan
1. When Rorschach upsets Silk Spectre .
Dr. Manhattan tells him to leave but Rorschach continues to talk.
Even after Rorschach is told to leave he doesn’t move. He isn’t afraid of Dr. Manhattan and even with knowing the power he possess he doesn’t budge.

2. When Rorschach goes to warn the Silk Spectre and Dr. Manhattan about his theory.
As soon Rorschach upsets the Silk Spectre , Dr. Manhattan teleports him out of the government base.
Dr. Manhattan doesn’t care about Rorschach or his opinions.

3. When Rorschach is trying to leave the retreat to expose the truth.
Dr. Manhattan stops him. Rorschach knows Dr. Manhattan does not care for him so he starts yelling “Do it.” Dr. Manhattan kills him.
They’re not friends and have no ties to each other so Dr. Manhattan kills him. Rorschach knows Dr. Manhattan couldn’t care less about him.

1. When Rorschach visits Ozymandias.
Rorschach: “He stood up for his country Veidt. He never let anyone retire him. Never cashed in on it. Never set up a company selling posters and diet books and toy soldiers based on himself.”
Ozymandias: "Never friends, being unfair."
Rorschach: “So you didn’t end up smartest man in the morgue. But I guess there are worse things to end up as.”
He looks down on Veidt for using his reputation to make money.

2. When the Nite Owl and Rorschach visits Ozymandia's office.
Rorschach: “Despite personal dislike, Veidt’s absence unfortunate. Could no doubt provided some answers.”
Although he doesn’t like Veidt, he knows he would be useful.

3. Journal
“Veidt, cannot imagine more dangerous opponent.”
He doesn't let his feelings for Ozymandias get in the way
of the truth.

Became a mask adventurer calling himself Rorschach.
Named himself after the Rorschach inkblot test.
After each crime scene he leaves a piece of paper with his signature: an odd pattern on one side which is folded in half and smeared symmetrically.

His nihilistic view of contemporary society
Child abuse, no parent, witnessed traumatic events at early age.
Excelled in school.
Kitty Genovese - Initial Trigger
Blair Roche - Girl Kidnapping Case

Refusal to Compromise in the Face of Armageddon
Final battle between Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach.
Failure to save the little girl, Blair Roche, fueled his uncompromising characteristic towards villains.
Fighting crime to bring criminals to justice, not to bring world peace.
Willing to sacrifice fate of the world rather than let Ozymandias get away with his actions.
Rorschach’s morals led to his death, he wouldn’t back down.
Took off mask, died as Walter Kovacs.
“Once a man has seen, he can never turn his back on it. Never pretend it doesn’t exist.”

Rorschach's Role As:
Use of journal entries

Describes how he perceives the world.
October 12th 1985: “Dog carcass in alley this morning, tire tread on burst stomach. This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face…”
Perception of events -> depicts violence.
Mails to “The News Frontiersman” hoping information will expose Veidt.

Investigates the murder of the Comedian.
“Masked killer” theory: someone trying to kill of masked vigilantes.
Observant and unpredictable.
Questions Moloch (Edgar Jacob).
Manhattan’s exile and Veidt’s attempted assassination support his theory.
Works with Nite Owl after escaping prison.

Vigilante: Takes the law into their own hands in order to prevent crime.
Transitions from Walter -> Rorschach.
Investigates murder of the Comedian on his own.
Refusal to adhere to Keene Act. (law against. masked vigilantes in 1977 excluding the Comedian and Manhattan)
Wanted by police and hated by everyone.

Nihilism: the rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless

To understand his view:
The way he perceives matters and himself.
Good vs. Bad (Black vs. White)

Rorschach’s perception of events depicts from violence in which every violent act has a purpose and meaning, at least to him. Violence for Rorschach is a necessary act in order to pursue what he believe in, is justice.
Rorschach beliefs specific form of justice, violence in needed in order to achieve justice, criminals deserve to suffer.
Rorschach has a fascination with death:“Dog carcass in alley this morning, tire treads on burst stomach”. Gruesome and vivid details, pays close attention to details missed by a normal human being.
Rorschach is sharp, impulsive and unpredictable. He is a man of word and his vigilante work speaks for itself.
Rorschach is a vigilante who acts as a judge, jury and often as the executioner. Distribute justice through what he believes to be right.

Rorschach’s Background:
Rorschach believes that Life is random
In 1975, Blair Roche was kidnapped by Gerald Anthony Grice.
Rorschach intervened for personal reasons and found an address to an unused dressmaker’s shop.
Evidence: Child’s clothing and human bone.
He took a meat cleaver and cut one of the dog’s head open.
When he closed his eyes and opened them again, he was no longer Walter Kovacs; he was now Rorschach.
When Gerald arrived, Rorschach grabbed him and handcuffed him to the furnace.
Rorschach leaves a hacksaw by the man while pouring kerosene throughout the shop.
He lights a match and leaves the shop to burn for an hour while watching.
“Nobody got out.”

Do you perceive Rorschach as a hero or a villain?
Becoming Rorschach
In 1964, the murder of Kitty Genovese took place in front of a building of tenants who didn’t bother to help her.
Trigger: His decision to avenge the victims of crime.
He cuts up the dress and makes it into a mask .
"...could bear to look at in the mirror"
Bad - Early Childhood, perception of his mother.
Good - Father's perception.
Lives for serving the world with justice, fighting crime.
Sees Walter Kovacs as a mask and Rorschach as a personality. (Split Personality)
Becoming a superhero allowed Kovacs to personify his darker repressed side and use it as a weapon.
Being Rorschach was more about punishing the wicked and correcting society than it was about saving the innocent.
Good vs. Bad
- Dr. Manhattan concept of time. Present, past and future doesn't exist.
- Life is not systematic and unchangeable .
- Experience the highest of joys and deepest of sorrows. There is no logic to life.
- ''God didn't kill that little girl. Fate didn't butcher her; destiny didn't feed her to those dogs. If God saw what went on that night, he didn't seem to mind. From then on, I knew: God doesn't make the world this way. We do.''
- He values life.
- Improvising life, random choice of weaponry, clothes and food.
Comic historian
Bradford W. Wright
described the character`s world view ''A set of black and white values that take many shapes but never mix into shapes of gray, similar to the ink blot of his namesake.''
Rorschach's perception of events
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