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The Battle at Honey Springs

No description

Savannah Blankenship

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of The Battle at Honey Springs

The Battle at Honey Springs - The Battle at Honey Springs occurred on July 17th, 1863. Just An Overview - The Confederate Brigade General Douglas H. Cooper Key People Cooper was waiting at Honey Springs for 3,000 troops under Brig. Gen. James Cabell with who he planned to attack the Union forces at Ft. Gibson. While Cooper waited, Blunt reinforced Ft. Gibson and decided to attack Cooper before Cabell's troops arrived. Blunt split his troops into two brigades under Judson and Phillips, then attacked Cooper's forces. The fight began with an "artillery duel". The Union had the advantage in the fight. Cooper sent a message to Col. Daniel N. McIntosh asking for reinforcement, but McIntosh never got it. Confederates stalled the Union advance with hand-to-hand combat and salvaged what they could from their wagons and burned what remained, but the Union was still victorious. What REALLY Happened - Cooper's plan was to launch a surprise attack on Blunt's forces at Fort Gibson...........obviously he wasn't good at keeping secrets. War is a All About Strategy Significance of the Battle - It was a Union victory, with 150 Confederates dead, 400 wounded, and taking 77 as prisoners. So How Did It Turn Out? By Savannah Blankenship - Union troops attacked Confederates in an attempt to capture Honey Springs and retake Indian Territory. - The battle took place in......you guessed it.....Honey Springs. The 1st Kansas Colored Infantry fought valiantly for the Union in this battle. - The Union suffered 17 casualties and ended up with 60 wounded soldiers. - As a result of the Union victory, the Confederates no longer had control over Indian Territory north of the Arkansas River. - The Union Major General James G. Blunt - The First Kansas Colored Infantry - Colonel William A. Phillips
- Colonel William R. Judson This picture is completely irrelevant to the Battle at Honey Springs - Blunt knew about Cooper's "secret" attack and launched a secret attack on the "secret" attacker. - Also......a group of American Indians accidentally stepped out right in front of a group of Union troops.....which ended badly. That could probably be classified as bad strategy.
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