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All about me

all about me from when i was born till grade 10

Kevin pacaud

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of All about me

Born in 100 mile house Sept 17 1997 All about me i was cuter then this my favorite foods favorite things to do family path not optional more about me chose what you would like to learn about me through one of the paths in this path tells you about my favorite foods pizza like every typical teen age boy i love pizza chose a path certain paths lead to certain doom. there is only one right path steak i love steak with mash potatoes and corn on the cob ribs like steak i like barbecue or sauce ribs with mush potatoes and corn on the cob you went the wrong way harry back to the boat now here is your first curse you will go the wrong way out of confusion wasn't i here already I really thought i was here, iI will take a different rout I hate certain foods the confusion path to the boat will tell you these tomatoes some people love them, some people hate them me i Hate them they taste gross and are mush in your mouth really strong onion onions that can burn your mouth and you can not get the bad after taste out of your mouth no matter what you do i hate really spicy foods like hot sauce yellow arrow= confusion turn back now or something bad will happen last chances turn back now that's it second curse this monster will pop out of no were blue arrow= cursed by monsters and confusion run form shoop da whoop he's a firing his laser run I love video games i can't believe i escaped on ward not including my mom I have 2 brothers not including myself and 4 step brother and a step dad. welcome to my craze family my brothers are not puppies unfortunately and I'm not a puppy Mom (Tanaya KissicK) very loving, kind ,respectful, and keeps her promises does a lot for us kids that's just a little about my mom i am not going to tell about any of my family members person things like favorite food, color, etc Dad (Russ) loving, caring keeps his promises, nerve lets me down etc. Kyle (step Brother 1) The oldest of the kids,calm, does big brother stuff, does not live with us but far away I am the second oldest but were talking family, so the next to me is Alex (step brother 2) my best friend out of the brothers,smart, kind helpful, etc Dominic Pacaud loves movies, loves video games, loves piano Adein ( Step brother 3) at least that's how I spell it loves video games, loves t.v Rylen (Step brother 4) just a totter and loves t.v ( super heroes) why me, i feel i was just here Eric loving, caring kind and the youngest , etc you are know cursed by another monster shoop da whoop has returned and almost made you fall in the lava but you fell on the (replay why it happened) laser 1 the real laser laser 2 fake laser I was tricked by shoop da whoop know i have the four curse to be afraid of the white arrow= two monsters and confused Weegee the stalker he knows everything and is everywhere, so Obey Weegee Run from Weegee even Thu it is pointless we ran from Weegee I love video games Zelda, Mario, Super Smash Bros, kirby
Halo, Sonic etc. I love T.v I love anime such as Bleach ,Naruto, Negima ,One piece, etc I love to do other things!! Like biking, hiking, camping, listen to music make money, play tennis,etc. you final curse is Malleo, Weegees older brother now Weegee will be sure to find you black arrows= 3 monsters and confusion you ran into Weegee and Shoop da whoop they made you fall in the volcono but you grub a ledge and got up you know enough go to the treasure now I love japanese music and anime and this is were i get it I love japan's culture and will visit there one day maybe live there. sorry no pic digging digging found 2 what a sucky treasures for a long adventure at least I'm not cursed anymore made by Kevin on przi and used youtube and pictures Thank you for watching and kevin will never obey Weegee and malleo what about you? time to leave this Island shoop da whoop is Weegee minion and will fire his laser at anyone at his will
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