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Latino Electorate

No description

Erica Cuevas

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Latino Electorate

By: Erica Cuevas U.S. Elections: A Closer Look at the Emergence of the Latino Electorate Sleeping Giant Awakens Number of Latino Voters
(millions) Mexicans
Puerto Ricans
Central and South Americans
Anyone from Spanish decent Research Questions What variables influenced the Latino vote in 2008? Methodology Who Are Latinos? Table 3 2010 2012 Table 2 2008 Findings Political socialization of Latino Electorate
Analysis of ANES 2012 data Future Research 2008 Cross-Tabulations How has the Latino electorate changed from 2008 to 2012? 2008 vs. 2012 Pew Hispanic Center 2012 2012 2008 Source: Pew Hispanic Center National Survey of Latinos, 2012 N=1,765 & 2008, N=1,540
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