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Corporate HR Strategy

No description

Caitlin McElligott

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Corporate HR Strategy

Corporate HR Strategy Corporate HR Mission Our mission is to support the goals and challenges of the individual operations within the Sheehan family network. We will accomplish this by providing services that promote a work environment characterized by fair treatment of staff, open communications, personal accountability, trust and mutual respect.

We will take a leadership role and provide service in support of the Company’s vision by promoting the concept that our employees are our most valuable resource and will be treated as such. The Corporate Human Resources team will act as a catalyst to enable all employees to contribute at optimum levels toward the success of the Company by:

Properly balancing the needs of the employees and the needs of the company
Ensuring a safe, discrimination, and harassment-free working environment
Hiring only high quality employees with an aptitude for growth and development
Providing relevant training and development opportunities
Retaining our most valued employees

These services are achieved through a team-work philosophy that is inspired through effective communication, organizational skills and proactive efforts by all employees. Company-Wide Expectations Continued expansion through development of new Nano’s and acquisition of craft wholesalers
Anticipated wholesale distributor locations in 22 states over the next 5 years
Anticipated addition of approximately 1,100 employees over next 5 years
Average of approximately 1 new employee per working day
Hire only high-quality employees with aptitude for growth & development
Identify high potential employees through the creation of a structured talent assessment and development program Corporate HR Strategic Imperatives Establish the Corporate HR infrastructure to align with
company-wide goals and objectives Assessment of Corporate HR Job Functions
Strategic Alignment of Recruiting & Organizational Development
Formalization of Training & Development Program
Development of Company-wide Orientation Program
Implementation of Company-wide Competency Models
Utilization of HRIS Platform
Creation of Internal Advisory Committee Assessment of Corporate HR Job Functions Redefine roles of existing Corporate HR staff
Clarify the Office Managers' roles in HR at all local operations
Assimilation of Tanice into Corporate HR Generalist role
Add a tax employee to manage the requirements of our new states Strategic Alignment of Recruiting & Organizational Development Tanice Smikle – HR Generalist Job Responsibilities: Administers various HR plans and procedures for all company personnel; assists in development and implementation of personnel policies and procedures; prepares and maintains employee handbook and policies and procedures manual
Assist in the administration of compensation program
Performs general benefits administration and review
Develops and maintains affirmative action program; files EEO-1 report annually; maintains other records, reports, and logs to conform to EEO regulations
Assists with employee relations issues
Maintains company organization charts and employee directory
Recommends new approaches, policies, and procedures to effect continual improvements in efficiency of department and services performed.
Maintains compliance with federal and state regulations concerning employment
Payroll backup as necessary
Performs other related duties as required and assigned Creating a need to re-strategize and capitalize on our evolving company-wide changes Training Employee
Relations Payroll/
Benefits across 14 states 1 import division with nationwide coverage Supporting approximately 1,400 employees Formalization of Training & Development Programs Development of Company-wide Orientation Program Designed to help new employees identify with their new employer and increase engagement
Address Team Membership, Company Philosophy, Workplace Policies and Performance Measurement Lead department managers through Competency Training Summits
Continued development of department functional competencies
Develop training content to align with competency gaps
Review, monitor and adapt the program to sustain relevancy Implementation of Company-wide Competency Models Utilization of HRIS platform Will provide a structure that allows us to manage our expected continued growth through increased efficiency in the areas of:

training and development
talent management
performance management
internal communications Creation of Internal Advisory Committee Headed by Caitlin & Jason to gain local equity in Corporate HR initiatives
Appoint committee members
1 employee from each location (varied department participation)
Quarterly meetings to communicate Corporate HR initiatives, receive local feedback and garner buy-in Establish Great Brewers University to foster a culture of learning and support all training functions. Use program to market training efforts and promote general awareness
Used as communication tool to encourage participation and commend training champions
Centralize all training efforts; enroll students and report on progress Implement an Individual Development Plan (IDP) program for all employees within GBU Institutionalize the process of employees considering career goals within our organization and developing action plans to achieve those goals
Allow employees to identify the required training to reach their functional competency standards
Encourage employees to consider their developmental opportunities and goals within the organization
Outline the training and developmental resources available to prepare them for achieving their career aspirations Orientation Program Format Welcome (5-15 min)

Company Overview (20-30 min)
Leadership (GVS/Family/VP's)
Sheehan Family Foundation

Company Vision/Mission/Values (15 min)
Voiceover of Vision/Mission Statement/Values

Business Strategy (20-30 min)
Segment AB/Craft business model
Craft growth plans

Policy Review (20-30 min)
In-depth Code of Conduct review of major policies
Golden Rules
Drug & Alcohol
Information Technology Acceptable Use

Benefits Review (15 min)
In-depth benefits review custom to each location
401k/Profit Sharing
Tuition Reimbursement

Closing Remarks (5-15 min)
Summary of orientation
Review of next steps Corporate HR Strategic Imperatives Greater demands than ever from our locations for in-depth HR support with: Recruiting Develop a talent acquisition strategy that delivers a consistent process across all locations resulting in high quality employees with an aptitude for growth and development Build college relations/recruiting process to act as feeder system with college/universities near our warehouses
Proactive resume-mining to seek out passive talent
Leverage professional networking and industry specific tools
Develop structured interview process for each position
Utilize competency model as a guide to hiring
Expand reach of third party sourcing/screening process
Integrate HRIS on-boarding system to streamline process
Opportunistic hiring in developmental roles (ie; Nano’s) Grow-our-own Work with GM’s to identify mission critical roles and develop bench depth
Invest in the development of high potential employees
Support the development of succession planning
Retain top performing talent
Development of clearly defined job families/career-paths Create continuity amongst Performance Management and Talent Assessment processes Manage competency assessment program throughout organization
Provide expertise and best practice knowledge
Improve tools, processes and feedback mechanisms related to performance reviews Corporate HR Today 9 Full-Time Corporate HR Employees More People,
More Problems! Summary The critical factors for success in the implementation of this strategy will be:
Continued efforts from Corporate HR to support our mission and implement strategic imperatives
Alignment of Corporate HR and individual operations' initiatives
An effective sustainable plan with a structure that supports action and accountability Coordinate and facilitate custom L.Knife & Son training content addressing the specific training needs of our organization Provide training resources aligned with competency scorecard results
Develop an army of internal SME trainers
Provide toolkit and framework to develop collaboration in the creation of training development and delivery
Develop streamlined method of creating training materials in collaboration with SMEs Agenda Corporate HR Mission
Corporate HR Today
Company-wide Expectations
Strategic Imperatives Within 20 Wholesale Divisions
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