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Sergei Prokofiev

No description

Farah Jurdi

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Sergei Prokofiev

How many he wrote:
Operas: 14
Get to know him!:
He's actually famous
Don't look like this. You've probably heard of a piece Sergei Prokofiev wrote. In fact, Mr.Lumini has mentioned it. So you should know it.
Peter and the Wolf
And Many Others
Such as....
The Love of Three Oranges
Ballets: 9
Incidental Music: 4

Film Music: 8
Symphonies: 9
Concertos: 11. Piano: 6 Violin: 2 Cello: 3
Piano Sonata: 11
Lots more!
Sergei Prokofiev

Prokofiev was born in a small village in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine.
His mother was a pianist. That proved to inspire Sergei.
Sergei started studying at the age of 3.
Showed exceptional talent for a child of his age.
Sergei's Family:
Mother: Maria Grigoryevna Zhitkova
Father: Sergei Alekseevish Prokofiev
Siblings: Two sisters who died in infancy
''Indian Gallop"
Musical Era
Peter & The Wolf
Symphony No.5 in B-flat major
At 13, Sergei started taking private lessons.
He produced 4 Operas, 1 symphony and a variety of piano composition.
He got the chance to study under Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
In 1909, he graduated.
(18 years old)
So, he continued to study at St. Petersburg Conservatory.
First, he married Lina Llubera ( Carolina Codina )
Svyatoslav Prokofiev
Febuary 27th 1934.
Oleg Prokofiev

December 14th 1928
He died at the age of 61, 1953.
Sergei Prokoiev 1891-1953
Cerebral Hemorrhage
cause of death:
Cerebral Hemorrhage can be caused by brain trauma, or occur spontaneously in hemorrhagic stroke.
Interesting Facts!:
He was alive during World War I AND World War II!
He's had several strokes.
His relationship with Mira Mendelson put an end to his marriage with Lina.
Sergei died the day they announced Joseph Stalin's death.
made by:
Farah jurdi
Later, on Feburary 20th, Lina was arrested.
Interesting Facts!
Then, Sergei married Mira.
Both boys
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