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Black Holes

Facts and unexplained mysteries about black holes

Tristan Blackwell

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Black Holes

Black Holes There are billions or possibly trillions of black holes. Many facts, theories, and unexplained mysteries. FACTS There are few facts. They are basically dark regions in space with a strong gravitational pull. There is evidence of supermassive black holes at center of galaxies. They form when stars lose fuel. They curve and distort space time around them. They have several parts the two basic parts are: event horizon, singularity. They can Weigh up to 1 billion suns or more. The more mass a black hole has the more space it takes up. Theories Spaghettification Your body is stretched as you pass Event horizon. What you would see You would see the person move slower and slower, then stop. Planetary orbits Planetary orbit is possible due to the minor gravitational pull past the event horizon. White holes They are the opposite of black holes. Nothing can fall in and they spit things out. White holes cannot exist in out universe. Where black holes lead May lead to fourth dimension.(alternate universe)
Or may possibly lead to Gravitational well.(fall for eternity) Worm holes Worm holes are Rotating black holes with electric charge.
Combination of a black hole and a white hole.
May send you through time and space.
The journey is not survivable. Black hole evaporation Black holes can possibly evaporate.
This is due to emission of radiation.
This causes mass to be lost because energy loss.
Only possible with a small black hole. Most Credible Theory Spaghettification Theory is backed by scientific and mathematical possibilities.
It is accepted by scientific community. Unexplained Most theories are still unexplained.
This is mostly because of inability to test theories.
In some cases due to lack of evidence. Conclusion There are possibly billions or even trillions of black holes. Knowledge of them can lead to advancements in fields of astronomy and technology. The biggest known black hole is the size of an entire galaxy and has a mass of 17 BILLION suns it is 3.5 billion light years away and makes the quasar OJ287. Even more interesting is that it has a black hole with a mass of 100 million suns orbiting it at 12 year intervals. Black Holes are awsome!
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