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Serial Killer Psychology Project

Ted Bundy

Kelly Trawick

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Serial Killer Psychology Project

Serial Killer Psychology Project Ted Bundy Background Information Real Name: Theodore Robert Cowell
Born: November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont in Elizabeth Lund Home For Unwed Mothers Hospital
Mom: Eleanor Louise Cowell
22 years old
(Identity of his father is unknown) Ted's birth was a scandal according to his religious grandparents and for that reason they convinced his mother to move back to their house in Philadelphia From birth everyone was told Ted's grandparents were his biological parents and his real mom was his sister including Ted in order to cover the illegitimacy of the child 1951- moved to Tacoma, Washington, when Ted was 4, with his real mom who married Johnnie Bundy, a military cook Johnnie adopted Ted, which changed his last name once again Johnnie had 4 other kids with Ted's mom Teenage Years Characteristics Well behaved
Charismatic Generally liked school, and did fairly well Acute shyness
Appeared socially awkward, which continued through college
Darker side began to appear Peer into other's windows
Frequently stole
Consume alcohol
Look through trash cans in search for pornography High School Arrested twice: suspicion of burglary College University of Puget Sound Sophomore year transferred Uncomfortable around his classmates, which were mostly wealthy Felt financially inadequate University of Washington Found out that his "sister" was his biological mom and his "parents" were his grandparents Found birth certificate Came back to school with a false bravado and excelled
Studied Chinese and Psychology
Graduated 1972
Degree in Psychology University of Utah
Law School in Utah (1974) Childhood
Obsessed with knives since age 3
Aunt took a nap and awakened to about a dozen knifes lying near her and a smiling Ted looking back at her
Grandfather ("Dad"), Samuel Cowell was abusive/violent
Known to torture neighborhood animals
He once threw Julia, Eleanor's younger sister, down the stairs
Ted craved his approval and was fairly close to him First Love - 1967 From California
Had money, class, and influence
Sophisticated, pretty, wealthy
Share passion for skiing Ted tried to impress her (took to the extreme) She thought he lacked any future
not "husband material" He remained obsessed with her Effect on Ted
Extreme depression
Dropped out of school During same time...
Dumped by his first love
Discovered the family scandal
Got a reputation as a petty thief 2nd Love Meg Anders
Elizabeth Kendall (pseudonym when she wrote the book "The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy"
Divorced with a daughter
She fell instantly in love with Ted
Suspicious of him seeing someone else
Ted wasn't receptive to the idea of marriage
Relationship continued for 5 years, even after reuniting with his first love (who was attracted to the new, confident Ted) Transformed Ted Excelled in school, receiving high grades
Worked on re-election campaign of Washington's Republican Governor Dan Evans
Evans was elected and appointed Bundy to Seattle Crime Prevention Advisory Committee
Bright political future
1973-assistant to Ross Davis
Chairman of Washington State Republican Party Vanishings 1974- 1st known violent crime
Broke into off campus apartment in Seattle
Sexually assaulted a female University of Washington student 1974- woman disappeared from college campus
Lynda Ann Healy: 21 year old radio announcer 1974- 2 women approached by an attractive man that called himself "Ted," asked for help with a sailboat: they refused
Later in the day 2 other women were seen going with him and were never seen alive again 1974- enrolled in Law School in Utah (moved to Salt Lake City)
Connected to several crimes not sure if it was him
Grave yard of bones was discovered in Washington Forest
Investigators profiled and composed a sketch resembling Ted, which they advertised to see if anyone had seen him Tactic Approach women for help...
Sometimes wear a sling, cast, or crutches to appear helpless
He would ask for help carrying things to his car
Tan VW (Volkswagen)
Then strike them with a crowbar or pipe and handcuff them Profile Women...
Thin, white, single, long haired (parted in the middle)
Vanished at night
Bodies found often were: hit in the head with a blunt object, raped, and sodomized Car: Volkswagen Bug
2 different ones
Yellowish and tan
Removed bolts of passenger seat and often stored it in the trunk (so the victims would remain unseen) Impersonations Cop
Fire man
In order to get women to do as he asked Death 1/24/1989 College campuses
1st Washington
2nd Utah and Colorado
Next Florida Victims looked like Ted's first love Connected and admitted to 30 murders at least
Many believe he committed up to and possibly more than 100
Real number is still unknown The Escapes 1975- Arrested after kidnapping Carol DaRonch
When Ted decided to sell his car, police found hair fibers belonging to Carol DaRonch, who also pointed him out in a line up
Convicted (1-15 year Jail sentence)
2 years later indicted on murder charges for death of Colorado woman
Trip to library because he was to represent himself in court: jumped out of a window and escaped Dec. 1977- Escaped from custody again
Made hole in ceiling of jail cell
Didn't discover he was missing for 15 hours
Giving him a head start to Florida
(was free for 2 months, killing 3 more women in this period) Jan. 1978- Broke into Chi Omega Sorority House (Florida State University)
Attacked 4 young female residents (2 were killed) Feb. 1978- Kidnapped and murdered 12 year old girl (Kimberly Leach) July 1979- Convicted for 2 sorority murders
Death sentence twice
Another death sentence for murder of Kimberly Leach Florida State Prison
Electric chair 7 a.m. Nicknames:
Lady Killer
The Campus Killer Aliases :
Chris Hagen
Kenneth Misner
Richard Burton
Officer Roseland
Rolf Miller Scapegoats Violent pornography Grandfather's abuse/violence Resented mother for lying about true parentage and never telling him Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) but first identified as bipolar disorder Ted "Sociopath" "Psychopath" No/little guilt or remorse Narcissism
Poor Judgement
Manipulative behavior
Deflected blame to many scapegoats Police:
accused them of planting evidence Most notorious serial killer and rapist of the 20th century
Featured in numerous documentaries
Books/Movies/Shows Sometimes returned to secondary crime scenes
Groomed and performed sexual acts with the decomposing corpses
until putrefaction and destruction by wild animals made further interaction impossible Also...
Decapitated at least 12 victims
Kept some heads in his apartment Mementos Works Cited "Criminal Profile: Ted Bundy." Investigation Discovery. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Jan. 2013.

"Ted Bundy Biography." Bio.com. A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 03 Jan. 2013.

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"Serial Killer Ted Bundy." About.com Crime / Punishment. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Jan. 2013 Stephanie Brooks Fear of rejection Alcohol Media How? Bundy would often take "business or skiing trips" He made his own casts in his house He kept the supplies in his car Downfalls Used his credit card for gas in the same areas as the murders Witnesses saw a man like Ted at the crime scene Was pulled over several times for traffic violations, which inspired further inquiry by the police Several people called in, including Ted's girlfriend, Meg, exclaiming the picture looked like him "Old Sparky" 1975- Failed to pull over for a routine traffic stop, the police searched his car and detained him, but let him free due to lack of evidence Grandmother was quiet and obedient
She received electric shock therapy for treatment
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