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Why you should be a Metro Volunteer Lawyer...

Informational tutorial

Nathan Bryan

on 15 August 2010

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Transcript of Why you should be a Metro Volunteer Lawyer...

Why you should be a Metro Volunteer Lawyer... Vol Pe eer unt r ks ing ld Bui Br dg es i C L E r ed its C a a ll St rt sm H I T R S O Y : Experience From
Start To
Finish h W t a t o x p e c t e Formerly known as the Thurday Night Bar, Metro Volunteer Lawyers has been an integral advocate for the disenfranchised community of the Denver area since 1966 Beginning with around 20 volunteer attorneys from the "Young Lawyers" section of the Denver Bar Association, the program has grown to over 1,300 registered volunteer attorneys, who are supported by four fulltime staff, a board of directors, and a collection of private and nonprofit associates

At any given time, MVL's FLCP Coordinator handles between 400 and 500 case files; this number is expected to steadily increase as more metropolitan residents find it difficult to meet the financial requirements for adequate legal representation in the comming years Colorado requires that an attorney earn 45 CLE credits for every three year reporting cycle Aside from seven hours which must be dedicated as either legal ethics or professionalism training, one still requires an additional 38 hours MVL provides CLE credit to attorneys for both training and Pro Bono work FREE malpractice insurance coverage when handling any MVL client cases FREE document filing (including all e-filed documents on Lexis Nexis) FREE access to pricey reference materials and professional services (like court reporting and service of process) MVL is also a proud recipient of two prestigious benefits, including the annual Barristers Benefit Ball and the Henry Hall Memorial Golf Tournament These events are excellent venues for meeting new contacts and for comingling with some of the Denver area's best and brightest legal minds FLCPs are coordinated and managed by MVL in the district court houses for the counties of Adams/Broomfield, Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas/Elbert, and Jefferson MVL handles over 1700 client cases a year We receive nearly all of our client referrals from our affiliates at Colorado Legal Services (CLS) A handful of trained volunteers, interns, and staff perform a second screening of these referrals, and then contact those individuals who meet our programs criteria Clients with simple, uncontested domestic relation issues (where the respondent is unrepresented by legal counsel) are typically placed in our Family Law Court Program (FLCP), where they are Pro Se up until the date of their permanent orders hearing Those with other issues are referred out to individual attorneys and firms, or to our post decree clinic Post-decree clinics are also held in the counties of Denver and Jefferson -Clients at post-decree clinics are provided with free legal advice and any pertinent legal documents necessary to pursue their desired legal action -Each of these districts has set aside particular dates for permanent order hearings where MVL attorneys can make a one-time appearance, and temporarilly represent an MVL client or two -Clients may also be referred to specific courts or administrative agencies in order to properly initiate an action or governmental procedure, or they may be referred to an MVL Pro Bono attorney with particular expertise in the legal area that they are seeking a remedy Learn new skill sets, refine old ones, and help others along the way Volunteers have the unique opportunity to pick and choose which areas to focus their energy on; all with the friendly supervision and support of our staff and seasoned volunteers MVL handles a wide array of case types, including: Bankruptcy, Consumer Law, Family Law, Guardianship/Conservatorship, Landlord/Tenant Disputes, Real Estate Law, Tax Law, and Wills/POA/Probate Law In addition to volunteer opportunities, those looking for a little more guidance can apply for an internship, or pair up with one of our knowledgeable mentors You can learn how to tackle unique legal dilemmas in a real world environment, while simultaneously building your resume' and increasing your confidence The fact that MVL operates in seven metropolitan counties, has allowed us to develop and maintain close relationships with local judges, magistrates, influential attorneys, and other pillars of the metropolitan legal community In addition to these events and courtroom appearances, Metro Volunteers also has a bimonthly board of directors meeting Our board of directors is comprised of representatives from the First Judicial District, and the bar associations of Adams/Broomfield, Arapahoe, Denver, and Douglas/Elbert counties Current news, events, and volunteer/staff discussions can all be found using the following social media sites: Beginning volunteers are encouraged to start with just a half-day, once a month, of Pro Bono service at our FLCP To sign up, please use the following link and fill out the form:
https://docs.google.com/View?id=df866cz5_26d6d5g5f7 Volunteer attorneys are also invited to handle individual cases whenever possible Although it may not seem like much, but if each of our volunteer attorneys were able to accept at least one case per person, MVL could meet the needs of 100% of our eligible clientele! To sign up, please use the following link and fill out the form: https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AcfzpkOMwTDUZGhxZ3FkeDJfNTNxZHE0MjRmcg&hl=en In addition, if you know of any friends or colleagues who might be interested in providing their expertise to one of our Pro Bono cases, please refer them to us MVL would also like to point out CCR 223 which concerns both retired and licensed out-of-state attorneys Rule 223 purports that retired attorneys with good standing along with properly licensed out-of-state attorneys, under the auspicies of a Pro Bono legal service providing Colorado nonprofit, may act as legal counsel on behalf of an indigent or near indigent client MVL can always use more assistance, and rule 223 provides those who are no longer practicing law, or those who are still waiting to take, or, who have not yet taken the Colorado Bar, a chance to litigate in court without much hassle Be a positive force in your community, donate your time to Metro Volunteer Lawyers now! Upon request, volunteers may attend these meetings and get a chance to see the inner workings of MVL and meet those who help guide it's direction Created by Nathan Bryan with Metro Volunteer Lawyers
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