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AIESEC History - Induction CLUC 2012

First prezi of the Induction Series for Newbies. AIESEC Universidad Catolica (Peru).

Walter Rengifo

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of AIESEC History - Induction CLUC 2012

AIESEC History In March of 1948, 7 university students founded AIESEC.

The students were from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, Belgium, Netherlands After the Second Great War, Europe was debilitated and there was a general feeling of anger and hate among the countries involved and an intense desire to avoid another war at all costs.

A group of young people decide to start doing something to rebuild the situations of their affected countries “AIESEC is an independent, non political and international association, which has as its purpose, TO ESTABLISH AND PROMOTE FRIENDLY RELATIONS BETWEEN THE MEMBER."

Study Tours.
Cultural tours “The aim of the association shall be carried out by the members arranging trainee exchanges, and providing contacts and other facilities for student visitors, and undertaking exchange visits of students”
Global Economy is growing.Most of the multinational companies are establishing as we have now.
New Management theories are exposing with the growing economy.Economists like Peter Drucker are appearing.
World needs talented managers!!! OUR MISSION:
Develop new generation of MANAGERS who has international understanding
Traineeship exchanges
Activities on management.
Decreasing the differences and improve international understanding.

Traineeship exchanges started being dominant.
Study tours “AIESEC shall be an independent, non-political, non-profit international association of scientific character, whose purpose shall be to develop INTERNATIONALLY EDUCATED MANAGEMENT WHICH CAN EFFECT VARIOUS ECONOMIC ENVIROMENTS”

To this end AIESEC shall build bridges between management, academic and student communities and shall promote international understanding, goodwill and empathy for different management attitudes. Gorbacov is the President of Soviet Union.Collapsing of Soviet Union is starting.
The concept of Sustainable Development is arising.

The topics which are in the agenda of the world:
Difference between North-South,
Technologic development
Global economy OUR MISSION:
International understanding and cooperation of countries and communities.
Traineeship exchanges
Social based projects. Vision: Peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential

Purpose: To contribute to the development of our countries and their people with an overriding commitment to international understanding and co-operation. Cold War is ending with the falling down of Soviet Union.

The Berlin Wall which divides Germany into 2 parts is collapsing.

All the world is watching a war alive for the first time> I.Gulf War.

Democracy is speeding up in Europe with the revoulations in the socialist countries. Revolutions in the communication technology: Internet, mobile communication.
The concepts like globalism, freedom, is getting stronger in the world whose borders started disappering.

War and terrorism in Balkans OUR MISSION:
By developing individuals, we contribute to the development of our communities with an overriding commitment to international co-operation and understanding
Traineeship exchanges
Learning activities Core Work:
AIESEC facilitates international traineeship exchanges and supporting activities that provide practical learning experiences for our trainees and that facilitate the learning of our members and other stakeholders IT Revoulations which started in 1990’s contunied growing.
Europen Union became the most discused topic in Europe
Terorist attacks in US,Turkey,Spain,Iraq changes the conditions of the world.
Globalisation became the strongest trends in the world.
The companies started investing on indiviual performance and talent development elaborated by the Induction Team 2012-0: "Fast and Furious 1948 Ahora 70's 50's 60's 80's 90's 00's AHORA This ambition for and by youth, finally took root in the foundation of AIESEC, in 1946 (Prague). Because of external challenges, reality, it was re-founded later in 1948 in Sweden, and that is where the story we know of AIESEC typically begins In the world..

Cold War, Korean War, Suez Crisis 1949: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden
1951: Switzerland
1952: West-Germany
1953: Austria, Italy, Spain, UK, Yugoslavia
1954: Turkey
1955: Greece, Israel
1957: USA
1958: Colombia, South Africa, Venezuela
1959: Canada, Ireland, Portugal
1961: Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Chile, Iceland, Peru, Tunisia
1963: Japan, Korea
1964: Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Australia
1965: Czechoslovakia
1967: Hong Kong, India
1968: Philippines, Puerto Rico
1969: Malta, India disbanded AIESEC se enfocaba en unir jóvenes.
"Amistad entre amigos" AIESEC se enfocaba en formar futuros gerentes con visión internacional. En este panorama, ¡AIESEC cambia! AIESEC busca contribuir a los países. AIESEC in Numbers

110 Countries and territories
730 Local Offices
2,100 Universities
60.000 Members
16.000 International Internships
20.000 Leadership Roles
4.000 Partners/sponsors
470 Conferences annually
945,000 Alumni
60 years of experience Fuente: http://www.myaiesec.net/content/viewwiki.do?contentid=10000293 Pronto AIESEC en Paraguay!

Apoya en FB Cada 5 años nos plateamos una visión a mediano plazo para poder alcanzar nuestra visión más grande.

Está es la visión 2015, que se basa en una BHAG! AIESEC se enfoca en ampliar la diversidad. revised by OC Recruitment and Induction 2012-1 "Pokémon Masters"
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