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Who's that girl?

No description

sophie cj

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Who's that girl?

IDENTITY 25 yo French Sophie Cornillet-Jeannin PASSIONS
INTERESTS music SPORTS PERSONAL REALIZATIONS now you know ! TIMELINE Highschool certificate
in literature 2005 Literature Preparatory Course
for «Grandes Ecoles» Bachelor degree in Management 2005
2007 apprenticeship @ Orange Consulting, Paris, France Working Holiday Visa around Australia looking for my dream job! oct 2012
now SKILLS English specialization Thibault de Champagne Highschool, Provins, France English specialization Blomet Highschool, Paris, France 2007
2011 Telecom Management School, Evry, France Academic exchange Lulea University of Technology, Sweden international marketing, innovation & webdesign year of specialization strategic & change management nov 2010
sept 2011 community & social media manager Executive Direction Assistance on the internal social network of France Telecom Orange optimization of call-center services providing the clients a better understanding of the
key actions to be conducted (cost, deadlines, ressources gathering) dec 2011
sept 2012 more than 25 000 km driven familys of kangourous spotted heaps of amazing people met Consultant in Customer Relationship Management B2B hundreds of mindblowing landscapes admired not enough natural wonders discovered thousands of photographs taken dozens of waves surfed a few sticky situations loads of exceptional moments boring static inflexible narrow minded individualism day job jan.-june
2011 2011
2012 designing & running a global communication, support and animation plan : ( creativity agile communication innovative team trust passion COMPUTER SKILLS & WEB LANGUAGES english spanish german swedish fluent good understanding academic notions basic speaking MS office proficient good command of ---> photoshop, indesign, illustrator basic foundation of programming languages---> html, javascript, unix - CMS---> wordpress, joomla!, wix webdesign, digital communication, e-reputation, editorial SMO, SEO, RSS feed, business intelligence, strategic monitoring MacOS & Windows - tools---> - blogging---> performing acoustic GUITAR (17 years)
& SINGING (5 years) learning multiple instruments rockclimbing surfing skateboarding arts & culture information & communication
technologies alternative ways of life sustainability discovering traditional cultures development through innovation people photography my exhibition: http://sophiecj.wix.com/raslesite blogging my new "editorial & passion" blog http://www.danslavaibz.com/ compartmentalization open-mindedness WHO'S THAT GIRL? WANNA KNOW MORE ABOUT ME? +33 695699420 traveling web promotion: sophie.cjeannin@gmail.com 4 rue Georges Ducrocq 57070 Metz, France . . )
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