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Social Marketing Strategic Management Process

No description

Janet Sheffer

on 5 April 2017

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Transcript of Social Marketing Strategic Management Process

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Strategic Social Marketing
This particular process divides the strategic marketing task into 6 stages.
2 Key Features of Process
1. The Process is continuous, much like an upward spiral with no definite beginning & end.
(Listen, plan, structure, pretest, implement, monitor, & repeat.

2. Customers are CENTRAL
Study them & their needs, wants, perceptions & develop strategies based on what is learned. Test and adjust as necessary.

Social Marketing Strategic Management Process
Key Terms of Strategic Social
Marketing Programs

- the broad approach an organization takes to achieve it's objectives
usually designed for long term
- detailed steps an organization takes to carry out it's strategy
usually designed for short term
- guidebooks that spell out the steps that will be taken to carry out the strategy to achieve goals
can be short term or long term
- ongoing coordinated activities designed to achieve an organization's mission
generally long term
- use to promote
short term or long term
Requires a proper marketing mindset and a serviceable process for developing & carrying out social marketing programs.
- to target customers and conducting extensive background analysis
-setting the marketing mission & goals & defining the core strategy
-establishing the marketing organization procedure, bench marks, and feed back mechanisms
- trying out key program elements.
- putting the strategy in effect
- tracking the program's progress (more listening) & adjusting as necessary
To Whom Do You Listen?
Your Customers
- know everything you can about those whom you are to influence
The Organization
- listen to the organizations own goals & capabilities
The Competition
- understand the challenges facing you. Understand what consumers see as the program's competition & how it may change in the future.
Scientists, politicians, and your local demographer
- in order to develop a best estimate of the kind of future in which their marketing plan will work itself out.
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