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Wowvxe: The 3d Tv without glasses


Alex Feldman

on 27 December 2009

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Transcript of Wowvxe: The 3d Tv without glasses

3DTV WowVXE This television set can produce images of different depths thus making it 3d.
The only difference is that this TV can produce the 3d images without the use of special glasses. The TV that Philips revealed, uses different angles of the picture
to create an illusion that the picture viewed is 3D. Tiny lenses are placed over each of the millions of sub-pixels in the screen which project light at one of nine angles through the front of the display The first TV that was created by Philips is 42 inches and was named WOWVxe.
Currently it is a prototype. At the moment Philips is working on 2d to 3d conversion
because at the moment there is not enough content to
sell a 3d only capable TV. http://video.google.co.jp/videoplay?docid=3289745578971181874&ei=4JQ2S8S0G4m-qQLFsbH6Cg&q=Philips+3d+tv&hl=ja# The End
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