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University of Minnesota - Graduate Medical Education

No description

Graduate Medical Education (GME)

on 11 December 2017

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Transcript of University of Minnesota - Graduate Medical Education

UMN Resident's/Fellow's sponsoring institution is NOT Fairview, UMPhysicians, etc. (as commonly believed).

UMN Residents/Fellows are able to rotate to different clinical sites via legal and education agreements (MAAs, PLAs, AIPAs)
GME at the University of Minnesota
a clinical site or a hospital.

Nearly all UMN Residents/Fellows are University of Minnesota employees/students (dual role), and
to clinical sites
Some UMN Residents/Fellows are employed directly by an external hospital site or the state of Minnesota.
University of Minnesota
Overview of Graduate Medical Education

Number of Residents/Fellows at UMN:

medical residents and Fellows

770 Residents
230 Fellows
Active Residency and Fellowship Programs at UMN:

136 GME Programs
91 ACGME accredited
16 other accrediting bodies
29 non-accredited
GME at the University of Minnesota:

GME is a part of the UMN Academic Health Center, which includes the below Colleges & Schools:

Affiliated Hospitals and Clinical Sites
(where residents/fellows rotate)

-12 major health systems
-Over 360 clinical sites

GME at the University of Minnesota
Provides institutional oversight for all GME programs (accredited and non-accredited).

Policy creation and updates
New program creation
Institutional orientation for program directors and coordinators/administrators (hired/evaluated at department level)
Institutional orientation for residents/fellows
Remediation support
J-1 Visa Support
Accreditation oversight
Onboarding support
Evaluation and assessment tools

UMN-GME Office Role
UMN-GME Office Role
Liaison with University of Minnesota offices and affiliated hospital sites to best provide information on centralized requirements & services (including,but not limited to):

Health Benefits
Occupational Health and Safety Requirements
Exposure/Incident Reporting

UMN-GME Programs
UMN-GME Programs
UMN-GME Program
Role of Program Director & Program Coordinator
UMN-GME Program
Life of a Resident/Fellow
The University of Minnesota Medical School Department Chart:

The University of Minnesota Graduate Medical Education Office Organization Chart:

UMN utilizes a software system to store data, and complete necessary GME requirements.

Several other rotating clinical sites also utilize the same system, thus enabling sharing of important information amongst GME, individual UMN GME programs, and other sites.
Goals of each Program:

Ultimate end goal of the Program Director is to certify the trainee demonstrates sufficient competence to enter practice without direct supervision in the specialty or subspecialty.

Ultimate end goal of the resident and fellow is independent practice.

All program administration is in service to these goals.
Program Director:

overall responsibility for the program

Program Coordinator/Program Administrator:
Partners with PD and APD/Faculty
Main point of contact for internal, institutional and national stakeholders.
Compliance with programmatic, institutional, and national governing policies and regulations (accreditation, board certifications, etc.)
Program level onboarding & off-boarding
Block schedules/rotations, daily schedules
Resident assessment/program evaluations
Program events
Programmatic policies

Where do I park?
Who can help me?
What’s my EMR password?
What training/paperwork do I need to do to start my rotation?
Example: UMN Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Resident
Our goal is to provide the highest quality of graduate and post-graduate medical, professional and educational training to prepare physicians for the practice of specialty and/or subspecialty training, or for the pursuit of academic and research medicine.
This presentation illustrates the complexity of GME and all of the important stakeholders that must effectively work together to achieve our goal.

Thank you!
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