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Livestock NAMA in Costa Rica

No description

Damiano Borgogno

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Livestock NAMA in Costa Rica

How do we make cows green?
The Iron Law of Climate Change
The Pilot project
What is our NAMA about?
100 farms - LECB's support to the Brunca Region
get data!
The transformation of the livestock sector in Costa Rica
When policies focused on economic growth
confront policies focused on emission reduction, it is economic growth that will win out every time
Why livestock?
Its contribution to total emissions is very significant - 23.6%

An important economic sector...

...threatened by climate change
and by
the gradual disappearance of trade barriers

What happens now
What we have to push for
United we stand
What is viable @ farm level?
Climate smart agriculture integrated into a NAMA
Soil conservation and restoration
Improved ecosystem services
Increased profitability
Increased forest cover
International methodologies?
Rotational grazing
Pasture improvement
Improved fertilization plans
Live fencing
Renewable energy + efficient cooling systems
Trasformational potential
15 year period
70% of the herd
60% of the area
Mitigation - 6 million tCO2e
ie- 12% emission reductions vs 2010
A. Increase in productivity
B. Increase in profitability
C. Reduction of GHG emissions
D. As a side effect, increase resilience of local farmers

What are we MRVing?
Where do we collect data?
Additional carbon capture of 4 million tCO2e
Support to the commercialization of low carbon (neutral?) products - 80% of the population interested
Market incentive and financial mechanism

Direct co-financing
Credit guarantees
Prime lending rate
Giovanna Valverde
Head of Delegation - Costa Rica
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